Media Help Please

Hi guys.

I have searched the forums for answers, but to no avail, so please someone help me before my tiny, fractured, mind gets even more overstretched…

I have a Canon MP500 printer and have been using it to print on to DVD’s recently with great results. I have used Alone Full-Face Printable 8x DVD-R to great effect, so I purchased some CDR of the same brand to print on. All the CDs looked smudgy, grainy, and with terrible colour, whatever resolution or print standard I try.
So I tried some Datawrite Printable CD-R with the same terrible effect.
I genuinely thought I was going a bit odd in the head, so tried printing what I wanted to put on one of the CDs onto a blank DVD, and the image was great.

Any ideas please!!!???

(They were all white printable disks too, I don’t know the ins and outs of silver printable ones)

Also could anyone recommend a good fixative spray?

Could be the quality of the printable surface on the CD’s being lower than the DVD’s you have used.


Could be the settings you have the printer at is putting too much/too little ink on the surface.


Could be that you simply like the DVD’s better as you are printing onto polycarbonate rather than the CD’s metallic layer.

As for fixative, try

Thank you sooooo much for posting that URL.

Hopefully I will learn how to be able to spray my “Dull looking” TY’s without spoiling the disc with runs onto the other side.

Oh oh,
Am I right in assuming you can not buy it in the USA?


In the US, try this:

…unless Medea will ship to the US, in which case give Dismembered Ninja’s link a go.


I did buy and tried that.
It showed splotchy spots that didn’t take, (stayed unsprayed) and when I gave it another coat, it ran under the disc and still stayed splotchy? The splotches were little round circles the size of a collar button.
I did like the nice glossy finish when dry tho.
Good thing the disc was a coaster printable.

I did have a quick look at Dismembered Ninja’s link, and international orders are mentioned. Don’t know if that includes the US though.

Hopefully DN will look at this thread again, and maybe clarify. :slight_smile:

Just found something: in the US, try looking for Krylon spray.

Think the Krylon stuff would be your best bet in the USA. Medea can ship stuff to USA but it would cost an arm and a leg, and that would ruin your dancing.

“LOL” Dance with the Stars!

Is Krylon better or easier to use than that Patricia Nimock’s?

LOL! Luckily it’s non-dancing Urlee that wants it, not me. :bigsmile:

I don’t have a disc printer, and I haven’t even played with my LS drive yet :eek:

Why not just use a medium with the desired coating already applied? i.e. Taiyo Yuden White Glossy w/ Watershield. :slight_smile:

I agree. You might want to check out Taiyo Yuden WaterShield and Imation/Memorex AquaGuard discs.