Media help, kinda urgent

Me and my friends are about to order a bunch of media. We are about to order from
I though about ordering these:
DVD-R 4x 10kpl CakeBox Ridata

Ritek G04

Would that be a wise choice, considering the other brands on that page? I own 832S and others have NEC 2510…

generally the Liteons do best with dvd+ media. but the nec does well with dvd-

Ridisc G04’s have been working very well… I just don’t know about this particular “brand” of G04… Wouldn’t be nice to order 50 worthless coasters :stuck_out_tongue:

It cant hurt to try a 10 pack. Use the 10 pack and see hoe it goes. If all is well (your dvd player and kprobe agree) then go for the 100 pack :smiley: