Media for the BenQ 162I? experiences?



I have been reviewing all the different brands of media for burners and when it comes to British Columbia, there is not a great deal of choice.

I spoke to BenQ and they recommended Maxell, Sony or TDK dvd+R and so I have been burning Maxell as it is the most available up here.
I use the Book Management program and do all my burns in DVD ROM and have been very happy to date.

Given them as gifts and they have been readable by all my relatives various brands and vintages of dvd players.
Today the store that I buy my Maxell dvd’s at were selling BenQ 8X DVD+R and so I bought a box and did a DVD Identifier on one and it showed DAXON Technology as the manufacturer (DAXON - AZ2-000) and made in Malyasia. The description of the product was good and I burned 3 again with the Book Management and firmware 47N9 with my 1 Click dvd Copy program.
I don’t use Nero and found the results to be the same as the Maxell brand which is a lot more $.
What I really mean to say is that the store had a large shipment in and the dvd’s are usually $7.99 for 5 and were on sale for $4.99 for 5.
Maxell sell theirs for $14.99 for 10 and so I guess the price is about the same.I guess in this situation it is simply a bulk purchase from BenQ by the store.

I was simply wondering if anyone has had experience with media for this model?
I noted in an earlier post there was a reference to use the firmware 47L9 with Nero, however, since I use 1 Click dvd copy I downloaded the 47N9 and don’t have problems.

I phoned BenQ and they said that they support the DVD R+ BenQ for the 162I, so it sounds like it should be OK.
I was simply concerned as I give the dvd’s copied to friends and wasn’t sure if changing brands would have an effect on their ability to view them, although as I mentioned earlier I still burn in DVD ROM as recommended by BenQ’s support staff and of course that is by the “Book Management” exe. that they sent me and I make sure it is set to ROM before I start burning.

I would appreciate comments on the above and Media suggestions if anyone has a 162I and used other brands.
I was unable to use Kodak which is all the store had in before I installed the firmware 47N9; however that D/L made burning to that brand of R+ even possible.
However, I don’t use the media as BenQ said that they don’t recommend it.

I have also heard comments on the countries that media comes from. Is it true that media from Japan is better quality?
BenQ said that they do not support Fuji?

I look forward to your comments, being a Noob!!

Respectful Regards, :bow:


I find that there is a difference between made in Japan or not, but there are some good alternatives out there. Get yourself some Taiyo Yuden at these locations. They both ship and it will cost you less than what you are paying. Try Fuji (made in Japan) because they are made by Taiyo Yuden, and you can get them almost anywhere.

In B.C.

Not in B.C. so shipping may be more expensive.


Fuji DVD+R 8X are not exclusively Taiyo Yuden manufactured.

You can found :
Fuji 4.7GB DVD+R 8X (25pcs)
€ 10.50 Mediacode : RITEKR03

So, ask for mediacode… Or buy Verbatim if you are a media newbie.


In Canada, I’ve actually never come across non TY 8x Fuji Film, obviously that doesn’t guarantee things, but there’s a high probability of them being TY. You just simply need to look at the spindle, or the disc itself, they will state Made in Japan, and if so, they are TY.


ItalianJob, I did say (made in Japan) in my post. The Riteks you refer to are made in Taiwan .

I have never purchased one of these 25 disc pack Fuji that was not Taiyo Yuden + media yet. You just have to check the label for made in Japan. Eluder and I both agree on the matter.