Media for stand alone Sony RDR-Gx330



I have a stand alone Sony RDR-Gx330 dvd writer for my tv. Presently, am using CMC made Verbatims 16x plus . Burn okay (the playback is clear) but scans poorly using my Lite-On in my computer. Is it possible to get a better results using othe brands of discs? By the way, is there much differences between computer based dvd burners and stand alone?


The problem is that all standalone DVD recorders burn at 1x (real time) - but modern 16x-rated DVD media work much better burned at 8x or 12x than at slower speeds.

And since your Sony DVD recorder can also write to rewritable media, I’d suggest using 4x-rated DVD+RW discs instead of the 16x write-once discs for your standalone, as the slower-rated media is better suited to the real-time burning speed of standalone recorders.

If you don’t trust rewritable media, on the other hand, you may have better luck with the Verbatim 16x minus instead of the plus.


For best quality archiving, you might consider recording on DVD+RW on your standalone, then copying the discs you want to keep on your computer and burning on the Verbatim DVD+Rs (or equally high quality media).


Which depends on firmware support as well.
There are some standalone devices that can record 16x media at 1x with good results.


My Philips DVDR610 writes all kinds of 16x media (Prodisc R05, Prodisc R04, Sony D21, MCC004, Ritek R05, YUDEN000 T03, TDK003, RICOHJPN R03) with very good results :slight_smile:


True. However, some manufacturers of standalone DVD recorders refuse to offer free firmware updates to those who need them. Sony, unfortunately, is one of them: That company requires you to e-mail them for a firmware update request, and they’ll e-mail the firmware update back to you (if one is available). Sony may also charge a fee for that request.


Philips don’t do that :slight_smile:


So if I go the dvd rw route and transfer them to dvd on my computer. Does it matter which software program I use with respect to getting the highest quality transfer? I may be wrong but it appears to me that some programs do a better job of burning than others. Presently, I have Nero 7, Imgburn, Dvdshrink on my system. With respect to firmware upgrade, how is it accomplished? I don’t see any ports where you connect to download the firmware. All the connectors on the back of the player is for video and audio signals.