Media for Sony DRU510A

Can anyone reccommend the best dvd’s for the Sony DRU510A + RW? Or are there any makes that DON’T work with it? I’m in the UK by the way.

Currently, I am using :bow: Verbatim 4X +R (Reorder #94589, Commande No. 94589), and it had yet to give me a coster. :cool:

Today I will go and pick up a 5 pack of the newly released 4X +RW from TDK so wish me luck


The Verbatim and TDK 4x +R media I’ve been buying all come from the same factory (media code is RICOHJPNR01), and they all work great in my Sony 500AX. The Verbatim 2.4X I was using previously also appears to be from the same factory.

I personally prefer the TDK because they have a nicer coating on the label side (and more space to write on).

Here is an list over the media that is supported for this drive.

Hope this information will help you futher.