Media for Plextor Premium?


I’m proud owner of a Plex Premium.
In the past, I used to burn my audio cds on Bestmedia Platinum cd-rs, but now I decided to use some higher quality media.

I bought some Verbatim DatalifePlus 52x (made in India) to try, but the results are not the best:
I scanned them with Plextools and got at least 1.9 C1 errors (average), and this was the best scan. With my Platinum I always got below 1.5.
So I decided to try some other media.

After 1 hour of research I found that Plextor and Taiyo Yuden should work well with the premium.

Would you agree? Or are there better ones?
Where do I get Taiyo Yudens (which brand?)


Besides: The Beta/Jitter values are very good with Verbatim…better than with Platinum.

I just used up a 100 disc spindle of TY 52X inkjet printables from on my Plex Premium 1.06. Zero coasters. Sometimes the PowerRec will drop it to 40x or even 32x. Sometimes she’ll do 52x, haven’t figured out why. I’ve got a spindle of cheap BenQ media I’m going to start using next. Maybe I’ll do a C1/C2 scan to compare to the TY.

Here’s a scan of a TY 52x CD-R burned on Plex Premium 1.06:

Thank you!

This media doesn’t seem to be any better than my Platinum CD-Rs are…
Maybe you could scan for Beta/Jitter Errors too?

Thanks in advance!

And has anyone other suggestions concerning high quality media for audio recording with the Plex Premium?

TDK Theory discs… 15$ per disc :wink:

plextor cds , real TY :bow::bow::bow:

Thank you for your quick answers! :slight_smile:

I think I’ll try the Plextor ones, since I can buy them at a near store.

If there are other suggestions: I take them all :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

TY 52x @ 52x on Plex Premium 1.06

There is also:
Fujifilm CD-R Made in Japan (Taiyo Yuden)
Maxell CD-R Pro (Authentic Maxell CD-R made in Japan)
:slight_smile: both can be found in retail shops. :slight_smile:

Thanks! :bow:

I will buy the Fuji and the Plextor media at my local store next week. The Maxells are not available there…
I will scan them with plextools as soon as i could and then post the results here.

Perhaps I’ll do a little test-roundup with various media, so if there is any other media you would recommend to try, I’m open-minded :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

P.S.: Wesociety answered me…wow :wink:

Cheap BenQ 52x Media

So, let the testing begin:

I’m testing various media to see which of them performs the best with my Plextor Premium (Firmware 1.06). The first one:

Fujifilm 700MB 52x Silverdisk
Made in Germany.

First turn:

I made a copy of an audio-cd with alcohol 120%
Read-speed: 4x

Burned @ 24x:
Avg/Sec: 0.5
Max/Sec: 17
Total: 2340

C2: 0

As you can see, it seems to be of very high quality! Nice Result, I`d say.
So I burned the same content at max speed.

Burned @ max:

Unfortunately this result isn’t as good as above.  The C2 errors aren’t acceptable, the C1 are also too high.

(Edit: BETA/Jitter Scan will follow later, don’t find it interesting after this result)

C1 :
Avg/Sec: 1.9
Max/Sec: 28
Total : 8628
C2 :
Avg/Sec: 0
Max/Sec: 14
Total : 14

Second turn:
I made a compilation of my favourite mp3s with Nero and burned them at 24x speed again:

Burned @24x:

Very good result! The C1 errors are a bit higher than in my very first test but I got a much better result on Beta/Jitter, which is nearly perfect!!

C1 :
Avg/Sec: 0.6
Max/Sec: 20
Total: 2604

C2: 0

So I made another compilaten (don’t want to have the same compilation 10 times  ) and burned at max with Nero again.

Burned @max:

C1 :
Avg/Sec: 4.5
Max/Sec: 33
Total: 11765

C2: 0
Damn! It’s also a “bad” burn.

So I can say, that Fujifilm CD-Rs (made in Germany) are high quality media for lower speeds.

Next time I’ll try to get some “Made in Japan” Fuji’s, because they are said to be Taiyo Yuden.

I’m going to continue my testing with TDK and Plextor (hopefully TY) as soon as they arrive at my local store (within the next days)

Waiting for your reflections/suggestions/recommendations!
Best Regards!

So, here is my testing on TDK CD-Rs.
I can’t see the “Made in” on the case, but the cover looks like this.

To say it at first: I only did two tests, because I was a bit disappointed by the bad performance of this media.

First turn:

I made a copy of an audio-cd with alcohol 120% Same contents as in my Fuji-Test.
Read-speed: 4x

Burned @ 24x:

C1 :
Avg/Sec: 2.5
Max/Sec: 27
Total : 11253

C2: 0

Although the BETA/Jitter test is very nice, the C1 Errors are way too high.

Second turn:

I made a compilation of my favourite mp3s with Nero and burned them at max speed again:

Burned @max:

C1 :
Avg/Sec : 4.3
Max/Sec : 27.0
Total : 19330.0

C2 :0

Unfortunately, the result is even worse.

So, I stop testing with TDK media. I would not recommend them with a Plex Premium 1.06.

Until now, the best results I got are with Fuji @ 24.

I’m waiting for your contribution! (suggesions, recommendations, testing…)
:smiley: :smiley:

@ Juggernaut:
Thanks for your scans!! Appreciate that a lot.
Me, I got Benqs too the next week. Ordered 25 pieces for 5.9 € :cool:

how do those TDK burns play in stand-alones, other drives? what’s the read transfer rate look like?

by no means am i well versed or knowledgeable about CD quality scans, but are those C1 levels really too high to tolerate?