Media For Nec3500a and liteon sohw-1633s

Ok I’m sorry if this is posted somewhere but I searched and searched for the answer first. What is the best blank media for the nec 3500a and the liteon sohw-1633s 16x dual layer burners? I have heard that Taiyo Yuden DVD-R is one of the best. Is this true? Also when it comes to buying +R or -R is there a difference? I know that it use to be a compatability issue with dvd players. I know that it’s not that big of a problem now. So if I am backing up my movies what should I get - or +? Thanks in advance for your help.

For liteon sohw-1633s, you should stick to DVD+R media.

Taiyo Yuden DVD+R

have been known to work well with the liteon sohw-1633s.
Use booktype software to change the booktype from DVD+R to DVD-ROM and then the DVD can be read in any DVD player.

thanks… how about the nec? also the question about whether it matters whether I use - or +.

For my NEC 3500, I use TY+R and SONY08D1 -R. Both burn fine at 16x.

I have found that is more expensive and difficult to get consistently good +R media as most of the good stuff (other than TY from Rima) comes marked up under another brand where the media code changes. As to any difference between + and - most users cannot really see any. The main difference has to do with players reading problems with +.

My 3500 has very good scans with Prodisc S03, Ritek G05 and TY G02. Others have seen good results with MCC. For +RW, Ritek W11 is very good as well on both NEC and Liteon. I have given up burning on the Liteon ans the NEC burns everything better. My advice would be to stick with -R and burn on the NEC. The reason everyone consider TY as the best is because it is. It is consistent, has very low scan error rates, and the distribtors love it because it is rarely, if ever, returned.


I have two 3500’s and they both burn best on -R media from Ritek, Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and Maxell-

The Ritek 8x -R (G05) is actually my “workhorse” media - as I burn most of my movie copies to it - best prices/vendors are: or or

Merry Christmas-


My own testing has revealed that the TY DVD+R 8X really is not that great in the Lite on at all.

These scans are of discs from the same spindle. All with identical source ISO and burning software. First scan was burned @ 8X in the Lite on 1633S with official firmware BS41 and bitsetting. Second scan was burned @ 8X in the NEC ND-3500AG with official firmware 2.18.

Make your own conclusions.

There seem to be a few bad Yuden000 T02 results from Liteom BS41 - on the other hand the native Prodisk R03 strat is greatly improved - it looks like they dropped the ball with T02 in this one - the first sign was that swapped Prodisk R03 at T02 took a turn for the worse, so removing the swap found a much improved native result - clearly, as well as that improvent, something must have changed in the T02 strat to the disadvantage of the swap, but also, it seems, to the disadvantage of real T02.

Have they been retuning it based on “fake TY”?

I have both NEC and Liteon burners. I have found no reason to ever burn anything on the Liteon. Burn quality is always better on the NEC no matter what I burn. I specifically purchased a DVD player that would play anything so I would not have to deal with bitsetting problems. I only use the Liteon for scans.

That’s an interesting thought.

Since Lite on appeals to the ‘economy’ crowd to begin with, maybe they did do this as a favour to people who would by the cheap/fake TY as well.

This is purely speculation though, and I have no hard evidence of this.

Perhaps I should obtain some fake TY and burn on the 1633S and compare the scans to those of real TY burned on the same drive. It could be an interesting comparison…

I’m with jucius on this one for sure. I also have both these drives, and the liteon doesn’t do so well on taiyo yuden t02 media, some scans I get are even worse than jucius’s. The nec gets extremely good burns on the same discs, so it’s not the medias fault.

My 1633s does like ricohjpnr01 discs (sort of), and I get pretty good scans. But the 3500 still does much better on these discs too. I tried multiple firmwares on the 1633, and the burns still kinda suck.

I also agree with chas0039, just burn on your nec, it’s just a better burner than the 1633s. At least for me and many others. 1633s is just for kprobe :slight_smile:

ok thanks for all the GREAT info… I’m glad that I have my 3500. The only problem I am having with burns on it is sound quality. When I burn a movie sometimes the sound is muffled periodically. I think it is my dvd player though because they play fine on other dvd players from what I remember. I am going to give the ty -r from rima a shot. Thanks again for all the great info.

oh and one last thing to bother you about… best cd media for 3500? Thanks again for your help

Probably MCC (Mitsubishi Chemical Corp) 52x CD-Rs. They are sold under the Verbatim brand in most countries, but you have to be careful if you’re in the US. Ever since Verbatim dropped the “Datalifeplus” label from its media in the US market, it’s hard to know with the CD-Rs if you’re going to get true MCC media or if it will be CMC or Moser Baer discs, which aren’t as good.

For true MCC media, it can be positivitely identified by the “Made in Singapore” mark.

As to sound quality, that’s probably not a media or burner issue as the sound is stored digitally. Most likely your sources aren’t that good to begin with.

There is no more MCC media made in Singapore being sold in the US market that I know of with the exception of 3-disc packs of Digital Movie 4x DVD+Rs. The 8x DVD media packages are all made in Taiwan by Prodisc or CMC but carry MCC media codes. However, the CD-R packages are where the questions come in. The Verbatim CD-R spindles that were on sale at Best Buy a little while back are made in India and carry Moser Baer ATIPs. I’ve also heard of other CD-Rs made in Taiwan carrying CMC ATIPs, so it seems quite difficult to find Verbatim CD-Rs that carry an MCC ATIP.

@Two Degrees

Thanks for the info about MCC media not being made in Singapore anymore. I was not aware of this. I do have some of the Verbatim 8X +R media Made in Taiwan with MCC 003 code and it burns very nicely on my ND-3500AG according to Kprobe.

This is just one of many examples of why I always steer people clear of Lite-On burners. IMHO the only reason to get a Lite-On is as a secondary drive (which is what you are using it for). Other comparably priced burners always seem to produce better results and be more flexible with media.

Agreed. Singapour produced Verbs used to be a dime a dozen (easy to find, that is) but now all I get is Taiwanese produced media. I wouldn’t say it is complete crap but with the lowering costs on actual TY media at rima, I prefer to just avoid the hassle and stick to it. :wink: