Media For LiteOn DH-4B1S Burner

Hi, Hopefully, this is the right forum for my media questions. I recently bought a Dell PC with a BluRay burner. Dell told me it’s a Phillips/LiteOn- Model # DH-4B1S. I see there is a forum for Phillips, but Dell told me the burner should be a LiteOn. Correct me if I’m in the wrong forum.

My 1st question is: Does anyone have this burner? If so, what brand(s) of media work well with this unit? I understand burners can be real picky regarding what blanks they like or don’t like. If BluRay media was low priced I would try a couple of 2 or 3 brands. However, at the super high prices I have seen, I don’t want to spend good money only to realize this unit won’t burn the media.

Last question: If anyone has this burner how would you rate its performance with BluRay burns? I appreciate your feedback.:slight_smile: