Media for Lite-on DVD burner

What blank media works the best with Lite-On DVD Burners?
I just had a Lite-on LH-20A1L installed.
Media type I’am seeking is DVD+R.
Sending my daugther to Walmart or CircuitCity.
What brands work well with lite-on?I’am going to copy some of my old Horror DVD’s.


Go for Verbatim +R 16x (mediacode is MCC004).

Beware! There are some Verbatim discs labeled as “Pearl White”: stay away from these discs. These are low quality media.

Whats this mediacode MCC004?Where do I find it at?

Which do I buy?

These are the ones?


If you are in Wal-Mart, look for Sony 1X-8X, 50 pack spindle, Dvd+R, Made in Japan with octagonal foam protector on top. They are actually Taiyo Yuden with MID of YUDEN000T02.

I never saw these packages, but they should be the right ones.

MCC004 is the code of the disc; it is can be retrieved using a software like DVD Identifier or CD-DVD Speed

Yup - Made in Japan Sony 8x +R (should say on the packaging where it’s made) or Verbatim 16x +R (MCC004, again should state on the packaging where it’s made - Made in Taiwan is the one you want, shopping in the US).

For DL media, again Verbatim +R, Made in Singapore.

Oh,okay thanks guys

Well,I just got my PC today.Made a mistake on the burner model.I’ve got a Lite-On LH-20A1P-186 Retail