Media for Lite-On 160P6S and Pioneer 111D



I’m trying to decide between a Lite-On 160P6S and Pioneer 111D for my burner and wanted to investigate media trends to help with my decision (also, when I order one tonight, I want to order some media with it). I’ve been told that TY and Vertabim are the best media in general. Do people pretty much agree on this? I will be archiving digital pictures, backing up DVDs, and making DVDs from a home video camera with my burner. Should media influence my decision on burner? Is one of the brands better for one of the burners I mentioned (or both of the burners). And, lastly, should I get +R or -R media for these burners? I just want to make sure I make an informed decision about which burner to get and that I order the media that is best to feed it so that I can realiably archive my data and produce good movies without having to do a lot of PI/PIF scans. Thanks!


So I just got some other input and reviews that have really tipped my decision to the Pioneer (unless someone strongly objects based on media). Can someone please give me some media suggestions for the Pioneer (brand and type) so I can get this order going? Thanks so much!


TY or Verbatim would perform exceptionally well with Pioneer 111 . :slight_smile:


I’ve been using Verbatim 16x +R media with my Pioneer 111L. (crossflashed from 111d to 111L). It works very well.


TY & Verbatim. If you want everyday media, try Ricoh branded RICOHJPN R03 or CMC E01 DVD’s.


Thanks guys…I feel safe going with either Verbatim or TY. Does it matter if I use - or + format? I appreciate all the help!

As a side note, what does a 111L do that a 111D doesn’t now that you crossflashed it? Just curious…


I use both + and - media, but I always bitset + media to DVD-ROM to increase compatibility.


I recommend DVD+R. Most DVD+R are slightly better than their corresponding DVD-R equivalents.

111L supports DVD-RAM writing and LabelFlash. :slight_smile:



KG, do 111’s bitset with original firmware?




Only for DVD+R Double Layer.

In order to bitset DVD+R Single Layer you need unofficial firmware such as TDB modified Buffalo firmware 8.29.


Main reason I crossflashed was to get bitsetting on single layer +R.


The Pioneer 111 has been a big surprise to me. Make good burns on almost (if not) all discs - just like the 106. I’m pretty sure i’ll have another 111 soon. I so regretted not stocking LG 4163’s :wink: so i won’t miss it on the 111 :smiley:


So I admit I’m fickle, but someone brought up a point saying that if this is going to be my only drive, I should probably go with the Lite-On so I can scan my discs when they’re done, especially if they contain something important. (Sound like a valid concern?) Does everything that has been said here also apply to the Lite-On? Or, are there differences in the media? Thanks and once again, sorry to be fickle…I’m trying to absorb and understand a lot of new information the last couple days.


Why don’t you buy both if they’re cheap. Personally, I always have 2 drives in my machine incase one fails. It’s always a good idea to have a scanning drive I think.


Depends on how serious you are about scanning disks. I rarely do it anymore—just when I get a new batch of disks, or if I want to check on something I burned a long time back.

The Pioneer 111 is definitely not a good choice for scanning though. I’m just not a big Lite-On fan. I’ve only used a couple, not very recently I will admit, and they were extremely noisy drives. Both went south after little use too, so that really prejudiced me against the brand. Lots of people around here use them and praise them, but the only reason I would get one would be if I needed a new scanning drive.

The other choice for scanning drives would be Plextor. Expensive, but overall pretty good quality.

Writing quality counts much higher in my book than scanning abilities. And the Nero CD/DVD Transfer Rate test will work in the Pioneer. (it is a free scanning program) Some people say the transfer rate test is more important than the quality test anyway.


Yeah, i have both and the 165P6SX i have is a good burner as well but for burning on a variety of discs i’d take the 111 since it’s really good on almost everything. If you want to be able to scan… get both :wink:

Get both anyway


I get much better jitter on my Pioneer vs. my Liteon, but error levels are usually a little bit better on my Liteon 160P6S/165P6S. I’m a little disappointed in my 111D after all of the hype, it’s a solid drive but it doesn’t burn with error levels as good as my Benqs or Liteon. But then I know quite well how my drives perform, all things considered it does a good job. If you want to get into scanning your media to check for quality, I would suggest the Liteon 160P6S or 165P6S (same drive + DVD-RAM support), otherwise both should do fine with just about any decent media - Verbatim 16x +R is a good place to start.


I say it depends on whether or not you want to burn with -R as well as +R. Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R are usually a few dollars cheaper per pack. The Lite-On doesn’t necessarily do bad with these discs but they are definitely geared better for +R media. The Pioneer on the other hand will do well with both + and - format discs.


I am for it :iagree:
My 165P6S performs the same level as my firend’s 111D@111L, plus scan ability.

Liteon has a new model 18A1P/20A1P, Pioneer 112 is on the horizon, a true cdfreaker should get both 4 of them. :wink:


Pioneer 111 easily gets my vote. Buy Verbatim 16x DVD media and burn at 8 or 12x and you will never need to “scan” your media since it will always be burned with good quality. You can always do a Transfer rate test to see if the disc is readable.

Scanning is very overrated here on these forums. Good “scans” don’t even mean the disc will work in a dvd player. If you start scanning you will turn into a scanning junkie like most of the other people on this forum and exaggerate when you get a disc that slightly scans worse than another.

Scanning is not 100% accurate and it doesn’t reflect how well your dvd player or whatever will play the disc. It is displaying how easy it is for your [B]liteon[/B] to read.

I have a liteon and I can say that the pioneer writers have always been good, whereas the liteons definitely haven’t all been good.

The choice is yours. You can enter the dark side and scan stuff and waste time only to find your disc does work and they all work and scanning it was a waste of time. Or you can just burn with the 111 and be happy everything works without problem and never bother scanning things non stop.

Even a person like me who is skeptical about scanning media, still scans every burn! It’s a bad addiction :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and let me tell you one last thing, liteon drives tend to get different scanning results from model to model and even firmware can affect the number of errors a scan shows. How the hell can that be accurate if they are all different? More accurate scans come from professional equipment, and the results from those don’t really agree much with home scanning.