Media for LG burner?



Can anybody reccomend what media i should use with my LG burner. I’m using acer right now and not one of them has burned properly ( last 4 tracks are always screwed). Thanks for the help.


Any media should work given the proper burning speed. Acer is not well known for being high quality, perhaps you should look through the media test threads and see what’s working for others. TY/Fuji media is pretty consistantly good on most drives.


Interesting. That’s totally opposite to my experience.

I’ve burned with LG 4480b on Sony CDQ80N5 (Acer Inc) at 48x and the results are the best I’ve been able to achieve with this drive:

Do note however that my burned data was quite small and I did not use 100% of the capacity of the disc, so I cannot vouch for the performance towards the end of the disc.

Others that I’ve tried: Fuji 52x (very good), TDK Speed-X or Metallic 48x (not so good towards the end), Verbatim Cystal Azo 40x (very good), Ricoh 12x (old, but excellent), Imation 48x (very good), Philips Silverspeed 32x (old, ok) and CMC Audio only (average).




Could you try this little test and tell me the results :

a) Gather any DATA CD, (use none protected ones)

b) Use the Alcohol software over your GCC-4480B :

Alcohol 120% v1.4.3 Build 158 or later.
(You could go download freely a trial version overhere :

c) Read an image first with datatype = Normal CD.
(You could use Image Making Wizard in Alcohol)

d) Write image over a blank cdr with datatype = General Protected CD

(You could use Image Burning WIzard in Alcohol)
=> You should notice the Write Method = RAW DAO

e) Read back that newly created cdr using the same GCC-4480B device. (It probably wont work !!)

f) Try to read back that newly created cdr over any OTHER cdrom device.

g) You could also try Write Method = RAW SAO + SUB and redo
steps d), e) f). You will probably get same results.