Media for Lecson DVD-900

New boy on the block so apologies if this is a stupid question. I have a Lecson DVD-900 which is ~4 years old. I have been trying to create my own home movies using my digital video camera and NERO software. However, I cannot find any media that will work on the player. I have tried TRAXDATA DVD-R and Tesco DVD+R to no avail. Before I go off and waste any more money, does anyone have any similar experiences and can confirm DVD media that does work?

Many thanks

David Anning

Welcome. :slight_smile:

Lecson DVD-900 is a standalone DVD player, isn’t it. What kind of DVD burner do you have? :wink:

I have a LG burner although I’m not sure of the exact model as I’m at work. DVD’s I’ve created do work on other people’s home DVD players as well as the DVD burner but not on my home player.

You can improve the burned DVD+R’s compatibility by bitsetting to DVD-ROM.
Most of the never LG burners support this function.

But then, you can also try high quality DVD-R media. :slight_smile:

Here is a little more info though not much for recomendations for media.
One person mentioned that disks burned with nero wouldn’t play but disks burned with dvd decryptor did. Perhaps your player doesn’t like the way nero writes the leed in? You might want to consider trying other software (something that doesn’t use the nero burn engine).
Also, defantally try bitsetting a +r like pinto2 said. Bitset +r’s are the most compatible because they identify themselves as as a dvd-rom, which any player can recognise (though it might not like reading burned media).

Thanks for the advice which I shall try.