Media for Home & Pc burning?



Hello Everyone

Yesterday I took the plunge and bought a DVD recorder (Panasonic DMR-ES10) which is my first. After I get this figured out I’ll be looking at a pc burner (BenQ,NEC,LG) later in a month or so. Not only I’m alittle fuzzy on the formats but the pros and cons with all the mfgr.'s as well. The last thing I want is to buy 4-5 different ones depending on which DVD recorder I use. Below is a list of media that’s pretty common around here.

*Panasonic…At BB they had these in -Ram,+R and -R. I’m getting a(5) pk of Ram disc sent mail free. I’ve been told you can’t go wrong with all the “Ram” you can get. I found a (5)pk of Ram that has “Matsushita, Japan” on the back.

*Fufi…I know at one time almost all of these were “TY” made. Now it’s a hit or a miss. I’ve seen some of the 100 pk’s made in Japan and the smaller ones in Taiwan.

*Maxwell… I’ve seen several with home DVD recorders swear by these and those with pc burners swear at them. I’ve looked at various packs and all marked “Taiwan”. I’ve seen 3&5 pks of the Ram disc. Any difference with the disc “colors” as well?

*Verbatim…I know these had a good reputation awhile back but some had problems with CD recording. SAM’s club has these in (30)pks with a slim case in both (- & +). They also have a (10)pk of Ram. All show “Taiwan” made.

*TDK…Both BB and CC carry these. Here and there you can find some good deals on them. All of them seem made in “Taiwan” as well. Haven’t seen much input on TDK overall.

 Thanks for any suggestion and tips. Pardon me if these seem trival questions but I'm just getting my feet wet on this. Thanks for your time.

Kenny J.


These are all nice media, but personally i’d prefer TY media, I’ve been usin this media
for a long time, and had never problems with them!


Usually the media that’s made in Japan has been better.


Get the Fuji Film made in Japan, or the verbatim 16x is also very good media. Best is Taiyo Yuden. But for general home use, look for the Made In Japan, and you should be in pretty good shape. Just don’t buy the cheap junk. After you decide on a burner, look at the forum under your particular burner, and see what medias other people are having good success with. Just remember that if it’s really important data, use the good high quality media.


always nice to try a NEC burner as a fist pc burner easy to use and lots of learnin from it
! As for media its up to your needs generally u’ll find that u get what you pay for so i usually go for specific media for specific jobs ie TY’s and some Datawrite Optima blues for backup of more important stuff and some lesser ones for movies or so generally whatever comes to hand which doesnt flip after puttin it in the drive! But as the rest say above decide on your drive first and then have a look at the forum for the media reviews and then chuck your money at someone until they give ya teh right combo for you!
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Hello Again

Well I’ve made some recordings using the Maxwell 8x (Gold) DVD-R’s and so far I’ve been pleased with the PQ. Since I got a small 25pk I’m looking just for the heck of it something else to try. In todays paper there’s a 25pk of Sony-/+R disc for $10. I’ve done search here and there’s not much on the Sony disc stuf. I’m here in the states (Tenn.) and these Sony’s can be found anywhere as much as Memorex which I’m not considering.

Kenny J.


You should be getting the LG for your PC as the others you are considering will not read RAM and your Panasonic uses this for re-writing. Check here for good RAM prices.