Media for an Apex AD-1100W



I have an old Apex 1100W that I has always worked on anything I loaded, but it doesn’t seem to like DVD+RW’s. Does anyone know what type of RW media what will work on this old player? I have tried Memorex +RW and Fuji +RW, so before I go buy another brand can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks


Here is a list of media that should work (and not work with your drive) but I don’t think it will be very helpfull since the media you mentioned are both listed as working (which is only an indication, it’s hard to trust user input with only one or two submitters). You might need to switch to DVD+R or if possible DVD-R(W)


I have the same player and have been using Fujifilm 4× DVD+RW’s(RICOHJPNW11) with no problem. I do set them to DVD-ROM book type now for compatibility with another player I had but they played fine on this player even before I did that. At one time I was having problems with discs freezing up but a DVD laser cleaning disc took care of that problem.