Media for a 40x12x48

i am planning on getting a Liteon 40x12x48 writer and was just hoping if you guys could tell me if the Liteon 40x12x48 would need special disk to record at 40 speed or could i just use Multi Speed Cds, (as i like to use the Nugen white top/blue bottom disks, or the diskrite media)

If you do need special media to record at 40 speed would i be able to just drop the speed down to say 32 and use the same disks (nugen/diskrite) that my friend uses on his 32 speed writer?

Thanks in advance


Media is key for good writes at high speed…I would stay with HQ media those made by Taiyo Yuden, Mitsui Chemical,Mitsubishi Chemicals Corporation , Verbatim…

I would avoid made in Taiwan…the Philips 40x cdr I got are made from CMC…I get occasional coasters from a disc…the nnext one is fine…they are not HQ

you can get TY 40x cdr from cddimensions 100 for$35 shipped

Fujifilm 24x are TY and will burn at 40x with smartburn and seem to be fine

there are some 48x cdr on the way out these may turn out to good

ok, thanks i’ll take that on board about using a better quality cd. I take it i would be able to use up my multi speed cds (Nugen & diskrite) at 40 speed though.

The thing i really want to know is:

To write at 40 speed do you need to buy special media or will they burn on multi speed disk, because i have so many to use up?

Thanks again people:D

the liteon can burn any media at 40x speed if smart burn is turned off but you run the risk of a bad burn with errors…in theory with smart burn on it will determine how fast the media can be burned…and burn it at max speed allowed

My fuji 24x cdr : smartburn says these can be burned at 40x…
my philips 40x cdr can be burned at 48x…I am overclocking my 40125S to a 48125W

I’m using Ritek-CD-Rs (under different brand names), which are certified for 32x.
With Smart-Burn turned on, my LTR-40125W always tries to burn at 40x, but with rather bad results. Even at 32x I get coasters from time to time. At 24x very reliable.

So, in my opinion, Smart-Burn should test the CD-Rs in an outer region (where the quality is different between brands).
For me Smart-Burn isn’t reliable…

What’s your experience with Ritek?:bow:

I agree smartburn is an ok utlity…I think it oversestimates a meida ability…

I have 40x Philips cdr from CMC and I will get an occcasional bad burn where the disc is unreadable…I wish there were more HQ alternatives at 40-48x

I agree smartburn is an ok utlity…I think it oversestimates a meida ability…

Agree completely, ignore Smartburn and record at the rated speed.