Media for 1655



Hi, could anyone tell me what is the current recommended media for the Benq 1655? I’m currently using firmware BCIB. I’ve been using mostly MCC04 media sold by Verbatim. It’s just that they aren’t always on sale and I’ve read from some of the threads that lately the quality for burns has gone down with the newer batches?

Is it recommended to use +R media for the 1655 only? I remember reading that somewhere but am not so sure if that is still the case. The reason why is I would like to buy some -R media since those usually have better deals and I’ve also heard that on some DVD players, -R media sometimes doesn’t play back? If it is okay to use -R, then could anyone also recommend some media for those as well.

I’m mostly looking for media brands that are sold at local stores like Staples, Office Depot, Bestbuy, etc.



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The highly recommended single layer media in general (not only for BenQ DW1655 but also for most burners) are MCC004 (burned at 8x or 12x), MCC003, YUDEN00T02, and TYG02. But these media may have bad performance (or bad batch) occasionally but I wouldn’t worry about it too much.

The last three are 8x rated and almost impossible to find in your local stores. But if you want to pricematch, I read Sears still carries Sony 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000T02) and you can PM to BestBuy which has the Sony on sale this week.

Alternatively, you can always buy the TY media online from I believe you can email them to request some samples.


Heh, yeah it takes me awhile to post as I usually do a search to find the needed info. Heck I been lurking for far longer but I found you could only search if you were registered :slight_smile: . Sometimes though I just really want a direct and current answer and will make a thread.

Thanks for all the info, I was hoping for 16x media other then the MCC004 but I guess I’ll buy more batches then usual when they are on sale. I know about Rima, but their prices are a bit too high for me so I’ll only use them as a last resort as I’ve heard they do have good/great service.


Depending on what price you pay on sale, it may be simpler in the long run to purchase a drive that is not so picky. I can’t be bothered catering to the 1655’s taste in blanks, when my LG and NEC will burn almost anything using default settings. An OEM drive costs about the same as a name-brand 100 pak on sale.(except for the NYear sales, of course!) You can still use the 1655 for reading.


The 1655 is not picky, the point is that the OP (more than likely) will get better results using Verbatim +R 8X or 16X than using (let’s say) AML or UME media.


My 1650 quite likes Verb T03’s also but batches can vary. (Generally not too much of a problem though).


Yeps, its not that the 1655 is particularly picky about what media should be used for it, but as you said, it because of the fact that I’ll have better results using the recommended media, though I know that isn’t always guaranteed.


Agreed 100%, these media work outstandingly in my DW1650, DW1655, and Pio 111D. Rima has been great for YUDEN T02. My MCC004 media comes from Best Buy where I can inspect it before I buy it and make sure it’s CMC made. Your burner will do just fine with cheaper media but if you’re concerned enough with quality to be asking you want the better media for comparable prices. I have had real crap results with MCC003 and MCC004 made by prodisc. There are a ton of posts on here on how to tell which is which, probably most reliably by the hub code.

If you must go to local stores then look for Verbatim 16x +R with the “squared” section in the center of the top of the box, i.e. a cylinder, not a “cut off cone” if you will. Open the container and check the hub center code does not have a “+” in it and the first four characters are letters like “PAPA”. Those are the CMC made ones, the ones you want.

I can’t speak personally about -R, I have always just used +R (wobble phase encoding of ATIP, etc), but I understand that BenQ not working as well with -R is just true for much older drives.

Anything I absolutely must have a dependable archive of I write to both MCC and TY media and store properly. If one dye degrades hopefully the other won’t. Time will tell.