Media for 1650

I’m looking to get some quality media for my 1650 (actually it’s a Philips 8801 crossflashed to BCDC firmware). I’m considering getting either:


Thoughts? Something else you’d recommend? I don’t do that much burning, so quality is more important than speed.

Does have a good reputation?

Firmware for most burners in general is better suited for the 8x than the 16x b/c of the longer availability of the 8x. If you don’t burn much than the 8x is definitely the way to go. They are the preferred disc of many users here. Make sure that your dvd player can play a +R disc or a dvd-rom (dvd+r bi-set). If not then the Taiyo Yuden 8x-R’s would be a better choice. has a great rep. Check out if you are still skeptical.

I have been buying media from Rima for quite a while and I have never been happier with an online retailer. They are great.

The TY T02 media is one of the best ever produced and almost any burner will produce a fine burn and is the preferred choice of a great number of members here. Overspeeding this media to 12x should still give you great burns on the 1650 if you feel the need to go faster than 8x.

The TY T03 is a newer and reckoned by some to be of a slightly variable quality so I’d go with the T02s.

The good media is fine with any drive but good drive should take any media and perform fine.

I agree to a point, there is some media sold that I do not think any drive will burn very well. But good media will do well on any dvd drive ( Yuden000-T02-000) being the best in my opinion.