Media for 1620?

which 8x media burns at 16x for a benQ 1620 pro if any?

I’ve seen a few 8X pushed to 12X but if I wanted to find a 16X, if there was one, I would get the MCSE utility and load the B7V9 firmware and browse until I found one.

Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000 T02 DVD+R and TYG02 DVD-R are the most popular 8x media that will burn @16x in the 1620. Have a look in this thread and you can get an idea of how they burn.

A lot, check with ala42 MCSE and open the firmware (B7V9 etc) table. You can see the list of media and their possible write speed.

Hey, I thought I did answer your question here

yes you are right. but i wasn’t sure if 8x would burn at 16x. just want to make sure before i buy. that plus if i can save a few $ by getting 8x that would even be better.

Well, then get this week sale in bestbuy, Sony 8x +R 50 pack made in Japan or Fuji 8x +R 25pack made in Japan. They are TY.

i’m on it zevia thank’s