Media firms lobby piracy controls to EU

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Kyle SGMS used our newssubmit to tell us that Yaoo reports that media firms lobby piracy controls to EU. In short they want that every optical disc made in the European Union should carry a code so…

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In so far as they want to catch professional pirates, those who mass-manufacture other peoples work to make a living, I guess we support them. This is wrong. The average home copier, one who copies for himself and friends, is not a terrorist or drug pusher; not criminal in any sense. He must prevent himself from being labled as such by condemning such people, and making the distinction clear. One should not pirate for profit.

I live in the U.S., but bear with me. This EU you have in Europe now. Who determines what the policy is? Are they elected? Do they reflect the general will of the people? Or do they just seem to cater to corporate interests like many Latin-American governments? If so, how much agitation is there among individual Europeans to keep the EU away from their separate countries? This idea in this article seems to run counter to democracy, which is ostensibly the dominant form of government in Europe. No democracy is truly democratic, but it sounds to me like the EU is (or could potentially be) an authoritarian entity.

Now this sounds to me a little like the ID chip on the PIII, which is a severe violation of our own privacy… not that any of us will actually get raided, as we’re not in this for money. However, I must say that it seems a little bit absurd. Almost all identification information that you’d burn would have to be firmware; there may be a onboard chip with a ID#, but its going to be the software or the firmware that tells it to put it on the CD/DVD. Now since we are talking about professional pirates, it seems likely that hacked software/firmware will either be created or leaked. I am fully behind putting professional pirates behind bars, however this seems like a way to personally identify every computer user, while it will be bypassed by the pirates anyways.

den_8_5 , You don’t really understand it right I guess. This is only meant for manufacturing plants, a lot of them already use these codes. Check the plastic near the hole of manufactured (not burnt) CD’s and you will see some codes. One of them is an identifaction code for the plant that made them…

There seems to be a blurring of definition here…lets face it, if you make a copy as a BACKUP for media you have purchased, it is acceptable by the terms of the “fair use policy” If you make a backup for yourself and a copy for a friend, then you are legally in breach of copywrite and are indulging in “piracy”. If a million people made copies for their friends, thats a lot of media. If you rob a citizen for $10 or a corporation for a million, you are still a thief…so lets stop taking the "moral highground here and be realistic…we all indulge in “piracy”…lets face it…what we really dislike is the price you pay for bloated programs, poor quality music being foisted on us at a premium price. What we despise is the lack of backup service and a friendly ear for our problems, and what really pisses us off is our governments going to bed with the corporations that are the perpetrators of this consumer fraud, who are seen to act with impunity. This media could be sold for a fifth of the price and everybody would still be making a profit Hey dont get me wrong I’m with you guys, if I can evaluate that program a little longer, then I am going to, and a lot of my friends are using my backups, but if we are going to have genuine comment , lets be a little bit heartfelt about the matter…well dems my thoughts anyways…:7

I’ not sure you quite understood: Whilst we don’t have a problem with people doing home copies for non-profit use (friends etc) - clearly, that’s what you do [I’d advise you not to admit to it openly online however]. But none of us can justify criminal gangs making large profits by mass piracy. It’s for their (large) personal financial gain, it funds crime, and it makes the average home copier look bad. We all have to say no to organised crime’s mass piracy.

Just don’t let EU turn into what USA is today :(, where all is controlled by rich firms :r and consumer has absolutely no rights :(.

For the111 thanks for the concern ^-^ I guess I lost something in the translation. What I was trying to say is, that is how all breakers of copywrite are seen by the RIAA and the MIAA and regardless of how small the infringement, the penalties can still be quite severe, and no, I don’t condone mass piracy either…cheers…:7