Media Fastclick Annoying Link

anyone know why, for the last week or so, when i click a link in a post/reply i get something like

in front of the real url. my addblocking will NEVER allow these fastclick urls to open, so i get no page displayed. this has been occuring since a whole lot of new adds appearred on CDFREAKS not long ago. can it be removed please. they do this at afterdawn forums…and thats one reason i never go there unless desperate !

If you are registered you should have no problem at all. We try to generate revenues from lurkers and people from search engines while the contributors to the site (registered members) only received a limited amount of ads.

This particulair advertisement is only there when you are not registered.

I am getting them more often also. I use a good popup blocker so they come up empty in the background. I understand, the site has to generate revenues somehow, I for one can live with it.