Media Error (Write DVD: 10,11,W2) On all!

Hi, I understand that many folks are having issues with Clone DVD with regard to Medica Errors. No matter which media I am using such as Sony, Fuji, or a crappy brand, I get the same error since my “upgrade” to this latest version.

Ok, I try not to complain unless I have a solution; even if it is a short-term one: Here’s mine:

I am finding that if I “create a DVD file (in DVD Shrink),” and later burn it via ISO Image(Clone DVD) it works on any of my brands.

Look, I know that most of you have forgotten more than I will ever know about this stuff but I feel the need to share the issue and the solution I have found…

I believe that it is a Clone DVD issue. Looking forward to a newer, corrected version.



@ monument,

Perchance have you ever done a Forum Search for a problem called "DVD Media Incompatibility”?

Suggesting that your problem is somehow related to the CloneDVD Software Program is a little off the mark.

The problem you are reporting is most likely caused by DVD media incompatibility between your DVD Burner and the particular DVD media you are using. If you are experiencing difficulty with your DVD media it is prudent to insure that your DVD Burner has the most current up to date firmware available for your DVD Burner installed.

To determine the current firmware of your DVD burner use a software utility similar to DVDInfo Pro (

Suggest visiting the CD Freaks DVD Forum ( for information on obtaining the latest firmware available for your particular DVD Burner. The folks at the CD DVD Forum are very knowledgeable and have developed various firmwares that optimize the full potential of your particular DVD burner.

It might be helpful if you provided some information on your DVD Burner. Please provide the Manufacture Name/Model Number/Firmware Version of you DVD Burner? To acquire this information use a software utility similar to DVDInfo Pro (

Saying you are using Sony, Fuji, or a crappy brand media does not fully describe the actual DVD Media you are using. Most DVD Media Retailers do not actually manufacture the DVD media that they market but purchase the DVD Media from DVD Media manufactures and place in their Brand Name Boxes. Some times the Name Brand Retailers market reliable DVD Media sometimes they don’t. To accurately describe your DVD media you need to provide the Manufacture ID and Media Code (Example- RitekG05). You can obtain the Manufacture ID and Media Code by using DVDInfo Pro ( or similar software utility. Request that you provide the actual Manufacture ID and Media Code of the DVD media you are experiencing your current problem with.

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No, his problem isn’t caused by media incompatibility. This problem occurs when the data burns to a disc automatically after compressing the files. It doesn’t seems to happen if you choose burn existing data option.