Media error always at 50% when using DLs



I am brand new to this site. Although there appears to be a vast amount of knowledge pertaining to burning issues I don’t see anything quite similar to my issue (i could be wrong):

I’m using Anydvd and clonedvd updated as of today.
My burner is a BENQ 1620 flashed at B7W9.

When I try and clone a movie to a dvd +R DL clonedvd halts at 50% for about 5-10minuts before I get a media error referring to bad media.

I’ve tried verbatim, fuji, memorex and now riDATA DL’s. All media has the same issue: All stop at 50%.

This problem began about 1 month ago. Before that I did not have an issue with DL’s. I’ve always updated anydvd and clonedvd.

Today I took an old .iso image that was successfully burned to an hp DVD +R DL. I tried the .iso image on a fuji, verbatim and riDATA. All had the same error.
It almost seems like when the burner tries to burn to the next layer I have the problem.

Does anyone have any insight??? Could really use some help!!!

ps :I don’t have an issue with 4.7GB DVD +R


For starters, I don’t know if your B7W9 is the most current but go to the BenQ’s website and check for a more current firmware version. Download and install the latest firmware. Use Verbatim +R DL only and forget about the others.

Did you use the solid burn feature of BenQ?

If it’s not firmware, others who know your drive will jump in.



Thank you!

B7W9 is the most up to date.

I don’t see an option for the solid burn feature! How do I enable?


@ Dazed n Confused,

Concerning BenQ Solid Burn->

Suggest viewing the below Forum Posting.

Also echo Forum Member Whisperer1 comments concerning Verbatim DL DVD Media.

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Just noticed, Dazed n Confused, your 1620 is not the newest model.

Make sure Q works with you model.


There’s no solidburn feature in the 1620, it begins with the 1640 and up.
Also have you tried the iso to burn with ImgBurn? And personally i wouldn’t use memorex and ridata, only verbatim but it seems you’ve these problems too.


What’s confuzing is that right at 50% always I get the error. I did Qscan and the test showed the media as being very good! (well within target values). I then did a test mode using qsuite and the burn was successful (didn’t actually write to the dvd).

Used a Verbatim DL last night after I had a successul test and still at 50% media write erro WriteDVD 10 11 W2.

Is there a possibility that my drive is messed when it tries to burn to the next layer???


are you making sure the layer break is preserved?

do me a favor and just give this a try:

with anydvd in the background rip in ISO>READ mode with dvd decrypter. this give syou a .ISO and a .MDS file.

open up ImgBurn and load up the .MDS file and burn that to your verbatim disc.

this method preserves the original layer break and should produce a working copy. at least in this manner we can see if it’s your method that’s the problem or something hardware related instead.


or use clonecd for +r dl media


I just wanted to thank everyone who responded to my origional post.

I tried clonecd and the exact same thing happened (error @ 50%).

I could hear the drive ramp up and ramp down almost as if it had difficulty refocusing for the next layer.

I tried a pioneer burner this morning and havn’t had a problem since.

Thanks again for everyone’s help. This site rocks!!!