MeDia DiLeMMA!



ok i dont get this. i have been using imation dvd-rs (.CMC MA…G. AE1.) for a year but they all of sudden decided to stop working. well i followed advice to try verbatim and i bought the digital movie ones (.MCC 02…RG20 )the fancy pants ones that look like film reels. well then i went and tried (verbatim still) the regular dvd-rs (.MCC 01…RG20)and not the fancy pants ones and they didnt work. i have 3 different medias and only one works and i dont understand is there some way to adjust some settings or something. what would cause a media to up and stop workin? possibilty of a bad batch? they have worked for a year and then i bought this spindle and not one has worked. the only ones that will work are the fancy film reel ones, some advice PLEASE?? :confused:


I dont know if its related see my posts DL problem. All of a sudden all brands of dual layer blanks have stopped working for me.


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