Media Deterioration and rot: faster on blanks, or written discs? Or equal?

Hey all. I know the topic of how long will your media last, is something that can’t really be said with much confidence. But something I thought of the other day, was the issue of storing blank media for 1-2 years, and not burning it. I ended up buying far more blank media than I needed as at the time DL media was on a big price drop, and I’m wondering whether it will it deteriorate and affect my burns, by simply being store in a dark, thermoneutral area, in storage boxes and not being burned for a few years? Or will I notice greater deterioration if I burn the DVDs now, and then store them written?

I’m also considering dual layer media in this question too.

I appreciate your responses


I used some TY CDR discs for a review recently, that I’d been storing since 2005. They burned beautifully. :slight_smile:

Any deterioration that I’ve noticed (with my own [DVD] media, and in forum posts), seems to occur more after burning than before.

DL, I have no clue as I haven’t burned enough of it to tell.

Other members’ experiences may differ, though. :slight_smile:

I have Yuden000 T02 I’ve stored for years and it still burns extremely well when I can actually force myself to burn one or two. :slight_smile:

I haven’t had extreme cases of disk deterioration after burning though I know many others have seen it. The only example I’ve had was a cheap cdrw that was given to me. (it erased well and works fine now)

It would have been fun to take a cakebox of Ritek G05 disks that were known to deteriorate and see if they could be stored without burning, and still burn properly. They had a rep for burning well, and scanning well at first, then deteriorating rapidly. I’d like to know if they deteriorate simply from storage, without burning.

The only physical deterioration possible would be due to heat, UV or oxidation. Oxidation can only happen if the edges or surface are compromised and allow air into the sandwich. Makes no difference if a disc is fresh or burned with respect to any of the above.

So, organic dyes can’t deteriorate in storage without extreme conditions CDan?

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2473309]So, organic dyes can’t deteriorate in storage without extreme conditions CDan?[/QUOTE]

Assuming an intact seal on the sandwich, no. I suppose a caveat would be: assuming adequate QC and materials in the manufacturing end. We’ve all seen crap media that deteriorates for no good reason.