Media CSS Protected, But Anydvd wont catch it anymore

Ok, there are these couple of burned cds with info on them that my grandpa needs me to copy for his work, well, i put it in and anydvd popped up and said the disk is CSS protected.
Well, cool, but then out of curiosity, i turned off anydvd, and tried to copy the dvd without anydvd, and it wouldnt let me.
So i turned anydvd back on and now all i get it Data Cd and how much mega bytes. It doesnt says its CSS protected.
Ive restarted my computer, tried the three other disks he needed me to copy and none work. Ive tried to copy with anydvd running but it still wont let me.

any ideas or suggestions?

try clonecd

anydvd is designed for decrypting dvd-video

not sure why you’re using it on data cds (which is what i assume you mean by "burned cds with info on them)

also, unless your grandpa paid a lot of money to license CSS protection then there’s no way that burned discs of any sort are CSS protected.

i would do as hobo10 suggests and use a program designed for ripping and cloning CDs. burned discs should not have any copy protection that you need to worry about unless the original creator put some kind of third party protection on them. If they are protected in such a manner then you shoudl probably ask the creator what they used to protect it and if you can have permission to duplicate the discs.

i Tried clone cd, and everytime i went to burn it said illegal block address.
I know, why would one time it says CSS protected and then never again say it?
Maybe anydvd miss diagnosed it the first time?
anyway, It was four dvd’s that were already burned onto, officemax cd-r’s.
One of them contained about a dozen or so autopsy pictures, another one contained a program that loaded someones xray of ribs, courtesy of a nearby college, and the other ones had pretty much pictures on them as well.
So, nero or roxio would allow me to copy them says they were copy protected.
Clone cd, wouldnt copy it.
So, i even d/l Aray scanner and scanned the cd with the program and no protection was found.
So i found this program blind write and it worked with that.
oddly enough it made copys of them.
anyone got any ideas why blind write would be able to make copies?

in the setting part of anydvd uncheck “Use CSS keys” thats if it’s not unchecked already

Msmilam -

I am having difficulty fully understanding what you are attempting to copy. Are these Commercial DVDs or locally produced CDs or CDs copies of locally produced DVDs? If what you are attesting to copy is a CD copy of a DVD it appears that are errors on the CD copies that are preventing you for making a copy.

Provide detailed information on exactly what you are attempting to copy. Be specific and provide information if what you are attempting to copy is a Commercially produced product or a locally produced product. Provide any Error Codes the complete exact Error Notification narrative at you receive attempting to copy this item.


first you said cd’s then you say it’s dvd’s.? but anyway, glad you got it with blind write (i think you mean it’s a vcd, but anyway). anydvd does both(well some cd’s and all dvd’s). but it doesn’t touch vcd’s and clonedvd2 and clonecd will not work with vcd’s.

i have the image files of the 4 cd’s that i was copying on my harddrive that blindwrite made when i was making of copies of the cdrs.
would you want me to send them or post them.
These cdr’s are locally produced it looks like, i mean, officemax cdr’s with sharpie marker written on them to label on, so i doubt a commercial company would be that cheap to do that.
Like i said, 3 of the cdr’s had just pictures on them, just straight pictures .jpeg i believe.
and the last cdr had a program that ran and brought up an exray of some dudes ribs.
each cdr contained really no more than maybe 70mb worth of content on them.
i also tried checking/unchecking the css key thing, that didnt work.
i think anydvd miss diagnosed it, thats the only thing i can think of.
and why would roxio and nero not allow me to copy the cdrs due to them being copy righted but blindwrite would?

hi msmilam
you might want to read the info here and here.
hope this helps you.