Media compatible with standalone players

It’s frustrating that some good DVD burns play fine on my laptop but will stutter at some points on my standalone DVD player. Is there a guide to explain this annoyance and as well give suggestions as to which DVD media is more compatible with which standalone players? I am using Sony DVD-R media.

Shudder. Generally Sony is made by CMC Magnetics Corp - they make great frisbees.

Check the link in my signature. Forget Brands always look at MID Codes, unless your talking Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim or TDK. Older players like - more than +, but newer players are happy with either. Look here for more detailed info: Search for your player and check out what the reports say with media.

The Media ID is Sony, so its not CMC coasters.

So it seems as though the media I am using Sony DVD-R (MID: Sony8xD) is not going to be compatible with my KOSS standalone. This is unfortunate considering I was making copies in bulk and did not realize the painstaking trial and error process to find media that works with the standalone. Is there any way to make these compatible without having to rip the data and reburn all the DVDs onto whatever media may be compatible with the player?

Nope, Unfortunately not. Once you find a compatible MID (trial one at a time) bulk buy them after testing. Stick with well known brands: Taiyo Yuden, Verbatim and TDK etc… Try using + format if your writer is capable of Bit Setting so you can use a good brand and have it appear as a DVD-ROM.