Media compatibility: roundup/news/alerts

I’d like to use this thread to discuss general media compatibility issues.

I want to keep the other MEDIA COMPATIBILITY: GOOD RESULTS and - BAD RESULTS threads “clean” with each message providing a test experience of an enduser.

Whenever I find MID codes that are not supported, I will try to trace back the origins of those media and contact the manufacturer so that they can start supporting us by sending media over to our HQ for firmware tuning purpose.

The news I have for today is that MID codes from PHILIPS and EURO DISC (Germany) be supported by the DRW1004 in the near future.

Please note that Philips already sells a lot of +R and +RW media which is manufactured by other manufacturers which are already compatible with the DRW1004 such as Ricoh. But Philips also started their own production of 2.4X/4X +RW and 4X/8X +R media.

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Hi Marco,

that looks like good news that the next FW will support
Euro-Dig and Philips media.
But what about support like Sony and PrimeOn media ?
Id would be good if the FW 046 or 047 support they and
other too.



I’m trying to contact the manufacturer of PrimeOn as well. Haven’t been lucky so far.

Please note that it could take up to a month or so before these MID codes are actually implemented into a new firmware, so please be patient.

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I checked out and looked for PrimeOn DVD-R.

They have the following MID codes:

  1. DDD DVDR (I’ve had endusers reporting good results with this media)

  2. RITEK G03 (we support these at 2X)

  3. Unknown (we probably don’t support these)

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