Media codes for ND-6500A?

Over in the LiteOn forum I saw they had a media code list for the current slimline drive… I’ve yet to find the same kind of list for the ND-6500A here after searching for quite awhile. Has anyone made such a list and if not, can someone? :bow:

Or better yet, how about just a list of what media will burn at 8X for DVD-R and DVD+R? Thanks!

Maybe you could make your own list using Quikee2’s NECDump program.

Yup, I will… when I get the drive (tomorrow hopefully). From what Liggy posted in the other thread it appears I’m going to need to sell my RITEKG05s and get some TY media. =\

Yes, I know… I posted over there after posting this thread. Thanks rolling56 & Liggy! :slight_smile: Sorry about the pesudo-double post. I was using the wrong search terms and happened upon that thread after making this one.