Media Codes and Serial/Hub Codes



Aside from the detailed Taiyo Yuden FAQ, is there a thread that focuses on the Serial/Hub codes and their corresponding Media Codes? It would be very convenient to have one thread that contains information that allows for immediate identification of the media code by just inspecting the serial/hub codes.

It can be something like all genuine MCC should have that Z style code and the manufacturer can be identified from the serials on the inner ring or CMC coded discs would have that CM/CP styled serial. Another use for this thread would be for discerning between media codes with similarly styled serials, like Ritek G05’s DR5A03-##### and FUJIFILM03’s DR5F6C-#####. And of course, a guide to easily identify bad media from serial/hub codes.


Not yet. It would be excellent if you could start such a thread though :slight_smile:
(Add MBI’s DVR…, Verbatim’s ZD/ZC…, CMC’s CPDR/CWLH/… ;))


That would not be possible in my case because there is a limited variety of media in my area. You can’t find any TYs here and even MCCs are very rare. Much of the media being sold here is grade B due to both handling and manufacturing issues. And media are sold at a premium compared to other countries.