Media code

Where do I find the media code on the dvd’s that I buy? Is it on the package or on the disk?

The media code is on the disc. Some burning software can tell you this, otherwise there are programs that will tell you. DVD info Pro is 1 I can think of.

Where is it on the disk? The dvd burning software tells me what code it is but I was wondering if before I bought the media if there was a way i could find out

There is no safe way to determin MID of your media without checking it with tools like DVD Identifier first.

Some good online media shops specify MID’s at their webpage, example: rima in US, os-mediatrade , SVP in Europe.

You can also make a search at and for older media visit speedlabs.

With some medias you can tell (verbatim 16x+r is always mcc004), with some you can tell from the country of manufacture (sony 8x+r made in japan is yuden00t02). With some you can tell from markings on the package or particular package styles. With many, there is no way of telling till you open it and read it off the disk.
Also, as pinto2 posted, you can go to videohelp and find out what diffrent medias it may be. Personally I usally stick to medias that I know (or have a high probability) of geting the media code I want.
Is there are particular media code you are looking for?