Media code table



How can I list the media code speed table in a LG burner?


Get a copy of the firmware you have installed, and open it up in MSCE?

Edit: You don’t say what firmware, or even what burner you’re using, so whether you can do the above will depend if it’s available for download…


Where can I get that firmware? I doubt it’s available. No way to extract it from the burner?


What burner do you have? What firmware does it have?

You might be in luck, I don’t know. Other members will be able to tell you if you give us that info :slight_smile:

Not sure about dumping it from the drive, never tried with an LG.

Oh, and I made a typo, it should have been “MCSE” :o


Lg Gsa-h31l
F/w 1.05


no, there is no way to extract it from the drive.
you’ll have to wait till LG, or HP, release a firmware update for your drive.


And there’s also no way to get a look into the drive’s firmware without extracting it?