Media code question

Q28A media support list KYS4 0823.pdf

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Yes, that would appear to be a list of all media codes supported in the KYS4 firmware.

What’s your question?

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I have a Sony DW-Q28A
I noticed it only supports 4x MKM(001) & 2.4x Philips(PD2).
On its Dual layer + media support list.
I want to know if it will burn other DVD media codes, not on the list.
As these disks are expensive I don’t want buy some that wont work.
Also any suggestions for good brands of DL DVD +


Ah, OK :slight_smile:

I’d recommend the MKM001 (2.4x Verbatim +R DL) for max compatibility and least chance of coasters (as you mentioned, DL are expensive, and those are the ones most likely to give reliable burns - anything else is hit or miss).

I personally wouldn’t chance trying to burn a media code not in the list - the burner will most likely adopt a “default” strategy which often isn’t too good.

Verb MKM all the way my friend most compatible less coaster rate example is ive burnt 100+ no coasters no players refusing to play them and yes the writer would burn other stuff but i presume it would use a default write strategy

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Thanks for the information.

I often use Verbatim 16x +.

There DL are expensive.
I was hopping their might be something cheaper.
I will just have to pay for them:sad:

you are better off paying out for the more expensive stuff then getting cheaper stuff it not working then u only have to go out and buy the mkm cos the cheap stuff didnt work :slight_smile:

True :slight_smile:

Yep - buy cheap buy twice.