Media Code List

Media Code List (if not one the list post the info I will add it)
Note: many of the brands on LiteOn Compatibilty List can not be easly found outside of Taiwan
1x, 2x and 2.4x media hard to find now
Underlined items are media I have used

01ne DVD+RW 2.4x (OPTODISCOP1)
01ne DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01…)
01ne DVD-RW 1x (ProdiscDVDRW)
3A Media DVD-R 2x (SHT 001)
3t PRO DVD-R 1x (MCC 00RG200)
Accu DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01…)
Acrocircle DVD+R 4x (OPTODISCOR4)
Acrocircle DVD+R 8x (OPTODISCOR8)
AKAI DVD-R 1-2x (GSC001)
Alfa Vision DVD-R 4x (EZOSDVDR…)
Apple DVD-R 2x (MCC 00RG200)
Apple DVD-R 8X (MXL RG 03)
Arita DVD+R 2.4x pink (RICOHJPNR00)
Arita DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Arita DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
Arita DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03)
Arita DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
Arita DVD-RW 2x (RITEKW01…)
Aterra DVD-R 4x (FORNEX101…)
Aterra Media DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01…)
BeAll DVD+R 4x (BeAll000P40)
BeAll DVD-R 1x (BeAll G00001)
BeAll DVD-R 4x (BeAll G40001)
Bencole Platinum Series DVD+R 4x (…001)
Bencole Platinum Series DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID001)
BenQ DVD-R 8x (SONY08D1)
BestMedia Platinum DVD+R 4x (RITEK…R02)
Budget DVD+R 4x (blue) (ISO01 001)
Budget DVD-R 4x (PRINCO)
Bulkpaq DVD+R 2.4x (PRODISC R02)
Bulkpaq DVD+R 4x (AML-002-000)
BulkPaq DVD+R 4x (IS01 008)
Bulkpaq DVD+R 4x (ISO01 001)
Bulkpaq DVD+R 4x (VDSPMSAB001)
Bulkpaq DVD+R 4x Printable (PRODISC R02)
Bulkpaq DVD-R 1x Generation 3 v2 (PRINCO…)
BulkPaq DVD-R 2x (PRODISCG02)
Bulkpaq DVD-R 2x Generation 4 (TDKG02000000)
BulkPaq DVD-R 4x (PRINCO)
Bulkpaq DVD-R 4x Printable (ProdiscS03)
Bulkpaq DVD-R 4x Printed (INFOSMART0)
Bulkpaq DVD-R 4x TangoOrange (PRINCO…)
Bulkpaq DVD-R 8x Orange Generation 4 (PRODISC S04)
Bulkpaq DVD-R 8x Printable (MCC 02RG20)
Bulkpaq DVD-R 8x Printable (PRODISC S04)
Bulkpaq DVD-RW 1x Blue (ProdiscDVDRW)
Commodore DVD+R 4x (AML 001)
Commodore DVD-R 4x (VDSPMSAB 01)
Conia DVD-R 1x (TDKG02000000)
Create DVD-R 4x (AN32…)
Creation DVD+R 4x (POMSC001002)
Cursor DVD-R 4x (GSC001…)
Datasafe Media DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Datasafe Media DVD+R 8x (MCC 003)
Datasafe Media DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
Datasafe Media DVD-R 2x (RITEKG03…)
Datasafe Media DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
Datastream DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID001)
Datastream DVD+RW 2.4x (INFODISC-A01-002)
DataTrack DVD+R 2.4x (DATATRAK001)
DataTrack DVD+R 4x (DT-D02-02-000)
Datawrite Classic Grey DVD-R 4x (PRODISC S03)
Datawrite Classic Grey DVD-R 8x (FUJIFILM03)
Datawrite Classic Grey DVD-R 8x (Prodisc F01)
Datawrite Classic Red DVD-R 4x (PRINCO…)
Datawrite Classic Titanium DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG. AE1)
Datawrite Classic Yellow DVD+R 8x (MCC 003)
Datawrite Classic Yellow DVD+R 8x (PRODISC R03) Rev03
Datawrite Classic Yellow DVD-R 1x (PRINCO…)
Datawrite Classic Yellow DVD-R 4x (PRINCO…)
Datawrite DVD+R 2.4X (PRODISC R01)
Datawrite DVD+RW ?x (PRODISC W01)
Datawrite DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
Datawrite DVD-R 8x Printable (CMC MAG AE1)
Datawrite DVD-RW 2x (PRINCO…)
Datawrite Red (V2) DVD-R 4x (AN31…)
Datawrite Red (V2) DVD-R 4x (INFOSMART01.)
Digital Matrix DVD-R 4x (INFOSMART01.)
DMS DVD-R 4x (…)
dvX Disc DVD-R 1x (PRINCO…)
dvX Disc DVD-R 4x (PRINCO…)
E3works DVD-R 4x (AN32…)
E3Works DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01…)
Epublic DVD-R 4x (GSC001…)
Fortis DVD+R 8x (SONY-D11-000)
Fortis DVD-R 1x (Auvistar…)
Fortis DVD-R 4x (Dvsn…)
Fortis DVD-R 4x (GSC001…)
Fortis DVD-R 4x (GSC002)
Fortis DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
Fujifilm DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Fujifilm DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPNR02)
Fujifilm DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000T02)
Fujifilm DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
Fujifilm DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPN W11)
Fujifilm DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03…)
Fujifilm DVD-R 2x (TAIYOYUDEN…)
Fujifilm DVD-R 4x (ProdiscS03)
Fujifilm DVD-R 4x (TYG01…)
Fujifilm DVD-R 8x (FUJIFILM03)
Fujifilm DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
FWS DVD-RW 1x (ProdiscDVDRW)
GenericUnbranded DVD-R 1x (GSC001)
GenericUnbranded DVD-R 2x (PRODISCG02…)
GenericUnbranded DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
Gigamaster RT Line DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
Gigastore DVD-R 4x (GSC002)
Global Moderator
Global Moderator
Global Moderator
Go Tech DVD-R 4x (AN30…)
GQ (Great Quality) DVD+R 4x (AML-001-000)
GQ (Great Quality) DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID001)
GQ (Great Quality) DVD+R 8x (OPTODISCOR8)
GQ (Great Quality) DVD+R 8x (PRODISCR03)
GQ (Great Quality) DVD+RW 2.4x (INFODISCA01)
GQ (Great Quality) DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01…)
GQ (Great Quality) DVD-R 4x (PRINCO…)
GQ (Great Quality) DVD-R 8x (TYG02) ??FAKE??
Grade A Media DVD-R 2x (RITEKG03…)
Grade A Media DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
H2O DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01…)
HouseBrand DVD-R 4x (VDSP.SAB 01.)
HP DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG.R01)
HP DVD+R 4x (MCC…002)
HP DVD+R 4x gold (CMC MAG.F01)
HP DVD+R 8x purple (CMC MAG.E01)
HP DVD-R 8x red (CMC MAG.AE1)
HP DVD+RW 4x (PHILIPS-041-000)
Hypermedia DVD-R 4x (AN30…)
Hypermedia DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
Ice DVD-R 4x (PRINCO…)
Imation DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
Imation DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
Imation DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Imation DVD+RW 2.4x (CMC MAG.W01)
Imation DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
Imation DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
Imation DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03…)
Imation DVD-RW 1x (OPTODISCK001)
Infiniti DVD+R 8x (RITEK-R03-002)
Infiniti DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
Infiniti DVD-R 4x (SONY04D1)
Infosmart DVD-R 4x (AN35…)
Infosmart DVD-R 4x (INFOSMART01.)
Infotech DVD-R 4x (Yi Jhan 001.)
Integrity DVD+R 8x (VDSPMSAB-001-001)
Intenso DVD+R 4x (OPTODISCOR4)
Intenso DVD+R 8x (PRODISCR03)
Intenso DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
Intenso DVD-R 2x (DDD DVDR…)
Intenso DVD-R 2x (MBI…)
Intenso DVD-R 8x (FUJIFILM03)
Interaxia AG 4x (VDSPMSAB-001-001)
JVC DVD-RW 1x (JVC/VictorT7)
KHypermedia DVD+RW 2.4x (CMC MAG.W01)
KHypermedia DVD-R 1x (CMC00RG200…)
KHypermedia DVD-R 1x (TDKG02000000)
KHypermedia DVD-R 2x (CMC MAG…)
Kvark DVD-R 4x (IS-F…)
Landscape DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…) Avoid Media
Laser DVD+R 8x Special 10 Spindle (MCC003) Rl…c
Laser DVD+RW 2.4x (…)
Laser DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01…)
Laser DVD-R 4x (AML…)
Laser DVD-R 4x (AN31…)
Laser DVD-R 4x (AN32…)
Laser DVD-R 4x (PRINCO…)
Laser DVD-R 4x (VANGUARD…)
Laser DVD-R 8x (TYG02) ??FAKE??
Lead Data DVD-R 1x (LD…)
Lead Data DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01…)
Legacy DVD-RW 2x (PRINCO…)
LG DVD-R 1x (LGE02)
LG DVD-R 4x (LGE04)
Liquid Video DVD-R 2x (OPTODISCK001)
MAM-E DVD-R 4x (MCI4XG01…)
MATCO DVD+R 2.4x (…)
MATCO DVD-R 4x (…)
Matrix DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
MaxData DVD-R 4x (GSC001…)
MAXdisc DVD+R 4x (POMSC001002)
MAXdisc DVD-R 1x (4M SYS 202C1)
Maxell DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Maxell DVD+R 4x (YUDEN000T01)
Maxell DVD+R 8x High Grade Video (MAXELL002)
Maxell DVD+R 8x (RITEKR03)
Maxell DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03…)
Maxell DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01…)
Maxell DVD-R 4x (MXL RG02…)
Maxell DVD-R 4x (TYG01…)
Maxell DVD-R 8x (RITEKG05)
Maxell DVD-RAM 3x (MXL8)
Maxell DVD-RW 2x (MCC 01RW11n9)
Maxell DVD-RW 2x (TDK502sakuM3)
MaxMax DVD-R 4x (GSC001…)
Maxplay DVD-R 4x (Dvsn…)
MediaCache DVD+R 4x (MBIPG101R03)
MediaCache DVD-R 4x (MBI 01 RG20)
Melody DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG-R01-000)
Melody DVD+R 4x (GSC502-002-000)
Melody DVD+R 4x Printable (LONGTEN 002)
Melody DVD+RW 2.4x (CMC.MAG.W01)
Melody DVD-R 1x (Auvistar…)
Melody DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001)
Melody DVD-RW 1x (PRINCO…)
Melody Group Sigma DVD-R 1x (CMC MAG. CO.)
Melody Group Sigma DVD-R 1x (CMC00RG200…)
Memorex DVD+R 16X (CMCMAG M01)
Memorex DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
Memorex DVD+R 4x (MBIPG101-R03-000)
Memorex DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Memorex DVD+R 4x Printable (MCC-003-000)
Memorex DVD+R 8X (CMC MAG E01)
Memorex DVD+R 8X (PHILIPSC08)
Memorex DVD+R 8X (PRODISCR03)
Memorex DVD+RW 2.4x (CMC MAG.W01)
Memorex DVD+RW 2.4x (INFODISCA01)
Memorex DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
Memorex DVD+RW 4x (CMC MAG.W02)
Memorex DVD+RW 4x (MKM-A02)
Memorex DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
Memorex DVD-R 2x (CMC MAG…)
Memorex DVD-R 2x (TAIYOYUDEN…)
Memorex DVD-R 4x (CMC MAG. AF1)
Memorex DVD-R 4x (MBI 01RG20)
Memorex DVD-R 4x (MCC 01RG20)
Memorex DVD-R 4x (ProdiscS03)
Memorex DVD-R 8X (CMC MAG AE1)
Memorex DVD-RW 1x (ProdiscDVDRW)
Memorex DVD-RW 2x (RITEKW01) MINI DVD-RW 1.36GB
Memorex DVD-RW 2x (RITEKW01…)
Memorex DVD-RW 2x (TDK502sakuM3)
MemorexDVD-RAM 2x (Optodisc)
Mirror DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID001)
Mirror DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01…)
Mirror DVD-R 4x (AN30…)
Mirror DVD-R 4x (AN31…)
Mirror DVD-RW 2x (OPTODISCK001)
Mirror DVD-RW 2x (PRINCO…)
Mitsubishi (Black Diamond) DVD+R 4x (POMSC001002)
Mitsubishi (Black Diamond) DVD+RW 4x (PRODISC W002 ) Rev00
Mitsubishi (Black Diamond) DVD-RW 2x (OPTODISC W002)
Mitsubishi DVD+RW 2.4x (MCC…A01)
Mitsui DVD-R 2x (MCC 00RG200)
Mitsumi DVD+R 4x (…001)
Mitsumi DVD+RW 2.4x (INFODISCA01)
Mitsumi DVD-R 4x (AN31…)
Mitsumi DVD-R 4x (AN35…)
Mitsumi DVD-R 4x (VDSPMSAB 01.)
Mountain Water DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…) Avoid Media
Mountains & Streams DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…) Avoid Media
Nanya DVD-R 4x (NANYA-JC001)
Nashua DVD+R 2.4x (MPOMEDIA001)
Nashua DVD+R 2.4x (SKYMEDIAR01)
Nashua DVD+R 4x (AML-001-000)
Nashua DVD+RW 2.4x (PHILIPS.010)
Nashua DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
Network DVD-R 2x (MCIG01)
NoName DVD+R 4x Silver (POMSC001 002)
NoName DVD+R 4x White (MEDIA ID 001)
NoName DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001)
NoName DVD-R 4x White/Silver Printable (GSC001)
Octron DVD+R 4x (RITEK…R02)
Octron DVD-R 2x (RITEKG03…)
Office Depot (ReBrand) DVD+R 4x (RITEK…R02)
OpenPlatform DVD+R 4x (AML 001)
OpenPlatform DVD-R (AN31)
Optical DVD-R 4x (ONIDTECH…)
Optimum DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG.R01)
Optimum DVD-R 2x (CMC MAG…)
Optodisc DVD+R 2.4x (OPTODISCOP1)
Optodisc DVD-R 1x (OPTODISCK001)
Optodisc DVD-R 4x (OPTODISCK001)
Optodisc DVD-R 4x (OPTODISCR004)
Optodisc DVD-RW 2x (OPTODISCK001)
Packard Bell DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
Packard Bell DVD+R 4x (OPTODISCOR4)
Packard Bell DVD-R 1x (OPTODISCK001)
Packard Bell DVD-R 4x (OPTODISCR004)
Panasonic DVD-R 2x (MEI 00V001)
Panasonic DVD-R 4x (TYG01)
Philips DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG.R01)
Philips DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPN R00)
Philips DVD+R 2.4x (RITEK R01)
Philips DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG F01)
Philips DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPN R01)
Philips DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG E01)
Philips DVD+R 8x (Philips 081)
Philips DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPN R02)
Philips DVD+RW 2.4x (CMC MAG.W01)
Philips DVD+RW 2.4x (INFODISCA01)
Philips DVD+RW 4x (PHILIPS 041)
Philips DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPNW11)
Philips DVD-R 8x (CMC MAG AE1)
Pine DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID001)
Pine DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01…)
Pine DVD-R 4x (AN30…)
PioData DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01…)
PioData DVD-R 8x (RITEKG05)
Pioneer DVD-RW 2x (PVCW00V00245)
Platinum DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Platinum DVD+R 4x (RITEK R02)
Platinum DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG.E01)
Platinum DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPNR02)
Platinum DVD+R 8x Printable (CMC MAG E01)
Platinum DVD+R 8x Printable (RICOHJPN R02)
Platinum DVD+RW 4x (RICOHJPN W11)
Platinum DVD-R 8x (RITEKG05)
Platinum DVD-RW 4x (RITEKW04)
Plextor DVD+R 4x (YUDEN000 T01)
Plextor DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000 T02)
Plextor DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
Precisa DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
Prime DVD-R 4x (GSC001…)
PrimeDisc DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPN R01)
PrimeDisc DVD+R 8x (RITEK R03)
PrimeDisc DVD+RW 4x (RITEK 004)
PrimeDisc DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
PrimeDisc DVD-RW 2x (RITEKW01)
PrimeOn DVD+R 4x (MEDIA ID 001)
PrimeOn DVD+RW 4x (RITEK 004)
PrimeOn DVD-R 4x (MCI4XG01)
PrimeOn DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04)
PrimeOn DVD-R 4x Printable (MCI4XG01)
PrimeOn DVD-RW 2x (RITEKW01)
Princo DVD-R 1x (PRINCO…)
Princo DVD-R 4x (PRINCO…)
Princo DVD-RW 1x (PRINCO…)
Princo DVD-RW 2x (PRINCO…)
Prodisc DVD-R 2x (PRODISCG02)
Prodisc DVD-R 4x (ProdiscS03)
Prodisc Printable DVD-R 4x (ProdiscS03)
ProDye DVD+R 4x Printed (POMSC001002)
ProDye DVD+R 4x Video Gold (OMSC001002)
ProDye DVD+R 4x Video Gold (POMSC001 002)
ProDye DVD+R 8x Video Gold (Plasmon1 C01)
ProDye DVD-R 2x Video (3AM0201)
ProDye DVD-R 2x Video (MXLRG01)
ProDye DVD-R 4x (VDSPMSAB 01)
ProDye DVD-R 4x Printed (VDSPMSAB0)
ProDye DVD-R 4x Video (PRINCO)
ProDye DVD-R 4x Video Gold (VDSPMSAB 01)
ProDye DVD-R 4x Video Gold (VDSPMSAB0)
ProDye DVD-R 4x White Premium Printable (AN32)
ProDye DVD-R 8x Video Gold (POMS3A)
Quentin DVD-R 4x (AN32…)
Quixo DVD-R 4x (DVSN…)
Radius DVD-R 4x (OPTODISCR004)
RAMmedi@ 4x (POMSI002 01)
Recomso DVD-R 4x (AN32…)
Ricoh DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
Ricoh DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Ricoh DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPN R02)
RiData DVD+R 16x (RITEKR04)
RiData DVD+R 4x (RITEK-R03-002)
RiData DVD+R 8x (RITEK R03)
RiData DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
RiData DVD-R 8x (RITEKG 05)
Ridisc DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
Ridisc DVD-R 8x Blue/Silver (Ritek G05)
Ridisc DVD-R 8x Printable (TTG02)
Ridisc DVD-R 8x Turquoise/Silver (TTG02)
Rimax DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
RiMedia DVD-R 4x (PRINCO…)
Ritek DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
Ritek DVD+R 2.4x (RITEK…R01)
Ritek DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Ritek DVD+R 4x Printable (RICOHJPN R01)
Ritek DVD+R 4x Printable (RITEK R02)
Ritek DVD+R 8x (RITEK-R03-001)
Ritek DVD+R 8x Datasafe Printable (RITEK R03)
Ritek DVD+R 8x Printable (RITEK R03)
Ritek DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
Ritek DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03…)
Ritek DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
Ritek DVD-R 4x Silver (RITEK G04)
Ritek DVD-R 8x (RITEKG…05)
Ritek DVD-RW (RITEK000V11A)
Samsung DVD+R 4x (BeAll000 P40)
Samsung DVD+R 4x (BeAll000)
Samsung DVD+R 4x (YUDEN000T01)
Samsung DVD-R 1x (BeAll G00001)
Samsung DVD-R 4x (BeAll G40001)
Sentinel DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG R01)
Sentinel DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPN R01)
Sentinel DVD+R 8x (RICOHJPN R02)
Sentinel DVD+RW 2.4x (SENTINELW01)
Sentinel DVD+RW 4x (PHILIPS 041)
Sentinel DVD+RW 4x (SENTINEL W02)
Sentinel DVD-R 2x (OPTODISCK001)
Sentinel DVD-R 4x (OPTODISCK001)
Sentinel DVD-RW 2x (OPTODISCK001)
Shintaro DVD-R 4x (CMC MAG. AF1)
Shintaro DVD-R 4x (PRINCO…)
Shintaro DVD-R 8x (CMC MAG. AE1)
SHT DVD-R 2x (SHT 001)
SIX DVD-R 4x (MBI 01RG20)
Six DVD-R 4x (MCC 01RG20)
SKC DVD-R 1x (SKC Co.,Ltd.)
Sky DVD+R 4x (POMSA001)
Sky DVD+R 4x (POMSA0010R.)
Sky DVD+R 8x (VDSPMSAB001)
Sky DVD-R 4x (AN31…)
Sky DVD-R 4x (VDSPMSAB 01.)
Smartbuy DVD+R 16X (PRODISCR04)
Smartbuy DVD+R 8X (PRODISCR03)
Smartbuy DVD+R 8X (PRODISCR04)
SmartDisc DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01…)
SmartDisc DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
Sonic DVD-R 2x (…)
Sonic DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN001)
Sonic DVD-R 4x (MUST001)
Sonic DVD-R 4x (NANYA-JC001)
Sonix DVD-R 4x (AN32…)
Sony DPR47/120 DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
Sony DPW47/120 DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
Sony DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
Sony DVD-R 2x (SONY)
Sony DVD-R 4x (MCC 01RG20)
Sony DVD-R 4x (SONY04D1)
Sony DVD-R 8x (SONY08D1)
SpeerData DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPN R01)
SpeerData DVD+RW (CMC MAG W01)
SpeerData DVD-R 2x (PRODISCG02)
SpeerData DVD-R 4x (MCI4XG01…)
Spin-X DVD+R 4x (prodisc r02)
Spin-X DVD-R 4x (MBI 01 RG20)
Staples DVD+R 8x (CMC MAG E01)
Staples DVD-R 8x (CMC MAG AE1)
StarLogic DVD-R 1x (PRINCO…)
Sumvision DVD-R 4x (DVSN…)
Sunstar DVD-R 1x (.F`…)
Sunstar DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01)
Supermedia DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01…)
Supermedia DVD-R 4x (AN32…)
SW Technology DVD-R 1x (OPTODISCK001)
Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 4x (YUDEN000 T01)
Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 2x (TAIYOYUDEN…)
Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4x Printable Silver (TYG01)
Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4x Printable White (TYG01)
Taiyo Yuden DV+R 8x (TUDEN000 T02)
Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x Silver (TYG02)
Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 16x (TYG03)
Target E-gear DVD-R 4X (CMC MAG. AF1)
Taroko DVD-R 4x (TAROKO-MX4…)
TDK DVD+RW 2.4x (MCC…A01)
TDK DVD-R 2x (MCC 00RG200)
TDK DVD-R 2x (MXL RG01…)
TDK DVD-R 2x (TDKG02000000)
TDK DVD-R 4x (TTG01…)
TDK DVD-R 4x (TYG01…)
TDK DVD-R 4x Scratch-Proof (TTG01)
TDK DVD-R 8x (TTG02)
TDK DVD-R 8x (TTH01)
TDK DVD-RW 2x (TDK502sakuM3)
TDK DVD-RW 2x Scratch-Proof (TDK502sakuM3)
Teac DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
Teac DVD-R 2x (GSC001…)
Teac DVD-R 4x (CMC MAG. AF1)
Teon DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG E01)
Teon DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
Teon DVD+R 4x (Philips C08)
Teon DVD-R 4x (CMC MAG. AF1)
Tevion DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Tevion DVD+R 4x (RITEK…R02)
That’s DVD+R 8x (YUDEN000T02)
That’s DVD-R 8x (TYG02)
That’s Write DVD+R 2.4x (RICOHJPNR00)
That’s Write DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
That’s Write DVD-R 4x (LEADDATA01…)
That’s Write DVD-R 4x (PRINCO…)
Traxdata DVD+R 2.4x (RITEK R01)
Traxdata DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Traxdata DVD+R 8x (RITEK R03)
Traxdata DVD+R DL 2.4X (RITEKD01)
Traxdata DVD+RW 2.4x (RICOHJPNW01)
Traxdata DVD-R 1x (RITEKG03…)
Traxdata DVD-R 4x (RITEKG04…)
Traxdata DVD-R 8x (RITEK G05)
Traxdata DVD-RW 1x (RITEK000V11A)
TX (Think Xtra) DVD-R 2x (GSC001…)
Ultra DVD+R 4x (CMC MAG.F01)
UL-Tran DVD+R 8x (MCC 003)
Value Disc DVD+R 4X (CMC MAG.F01)
Value Disc DVD+R 4X (Philips C08)
Vanguard DVD-R 4x (VANGUARD…)
Verbatim DataLife DVD+R 2.4x (CMC MAG.R01)
Verbatim DataLife DVD+R 4x (RICOHJPNR01)
Verbatim DataLife DVD-R 2x (CMC MAG. AF1)
Verbatim DataLife DVD-R 2x (CMC MAG.AF01)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 12x (MCC…003)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 4x (MCC…002)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 4x Pastel (YUDEN000-T01-000)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x (MCC…003)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x Advanced AZO (MCC…003)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R 8x Printable (MCC 003)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+RW 2.4x (MCC…A01)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 4x (MCC 01RG20)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 4x (TYG01…)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-R 8x Advanced AZO (MCC02RG20)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-RW 1x (MCC 00RW11N9)
Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD-RW 2x (MCC 01RW11n9)
Verbatim DataLifePlus SERL DVD+RW 4x (MKM A02)
Verbatim DigitalMovie DVD-R 4x (MCC 01RG20)
Verbatim DVD+R 2.4x (MCC 001)
Verbatim DVD+R 4x (MCC 002)
Verbatim DVD+R 4x Digital Movie (MCC 002)
Verbatim DVD+RW 4x (MKM A02)
Verbatim DVD-R (CMC MAG.)
Verbatim DVD-R 2x (MCC00RG20)
Verbatim DVD-R 4x (MCC01RG20)
Verbatim DVD-R 8x Photo Printable (MCC 02RG20)
Verbatim DVD-R Scratch-Resistent (CMC MAG.)
Verbatim DVD-RW 2x (MCC 01RW11n9)
Verbatim DVD-RW 2x (MCC01RW11)
Verbatim DVD-RW 4x (MCC 01RW4X)
Vertex DVD-R 4x (AML…)
Vivastar DVD-R 1x (VIVASTAR…)
White Label DVD-R 1x (PRINCO…)
Xtreme DVD-R 4x (…)
Xtreme DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 001.)
Xtreme DVD-R 4x (LONGTEN 009.)

@CcRomeo - nice list

the list proves that because a brand name DVD works good and gives good results one spindle and the next time you buy it it doesn’t. It’s because brand names usually get their media from different manufacturer/suppliers. The media code identification is the important part, that is what the drive firmware recognizes. For some LiteOn ddw drive firmware media codes see here

I’m not a total newbee, but when I buy the best brands like TY or Verbatium they could be fakes, and name brands may change supplier week to week, I just want a good media at a reasonable price. Things seemed less complex with VCR tapes.

Truer words were never spoken :bigsmile:

How does one know what the media code of a given DVD is ?

you could use

just to mention a few tools…



this is a great thread it! :clap:
thanks for all the info :bigsmile:

We agree. However, Traxdata is one of the few brands that only is made by 1 manufacter -RITEK as it is their own brand-. Although not all people are that ‘enthousiastic’ about RITEK’s quality, some of them are and they know to buy Traxdata to always have genuine and high quality RITEK media. We pretend to have an excellent price-quality ratio for which makes the media maybe not seen as the best (vs TY for example) but best for its price.

Traxdata Helpdesk

yes trax but you’re forgetting or perhaps you dont know that Ritek’s quality can vary just as much as media from a different manufacturer, as for ‘best for its price’ well i can buy a 25 pack of Verbatim branded Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-R for £6.50 from SVP or i can pay £7 for a 25 pack of Traxdata Ritek G05 from the market, i dont mean to have a go at you im sure you’re a nice person its just the company you represent.

Are you certain that you want to use the word “pretend” ?


a little truth slipping out methinks, the fact is the media is landfill material so even if you gave it away you’d still be screwing somebody over (when the disc fails after a few months), as somebody said in a different thread ‘friends dont let friends use Ritek’

Ritek ‘was’ good, emphasis on the word ‘was’ now its just plain poo

I can’t quite join you in that sentiment, Ritek has so far been very good for me so obviously I’d like it to stay that way.

Hello Shaun,

Thanks for the remark. I made a typo and meant intend. Unfortunately, as English isn’t my mother tongue, I sometimes makes these mistakes.

Kind regards,

Hello Shaun,

Thanks for the remark. I made a typo and meant intend. Unfortunately, as English isn’t my mother tongue, I sometimes makes these mistakes.

Kind regards,

Romeo==thanks for the list. I’m using Firefox==is that why NONE of the media is underlined or have you used any of them? If so, which were good and bad???

Your list is the first time I have seen Sonic (Must001) listed. I bought a few of these on line as the price was good. Quality bad from start as about 20% would coaster on initial format or burn==but given the price, that was a “cost effective” trade-off and one that I think it is fair for consumers to make. THEN SIX MONTHS LATER, I started finding the disks that did finalize and test as “good burns” would not play at all or had several corrupted/unplayable files. THAT is not acceptable under any scenario. Now I buy TY only. Less than 1% coasters and so far all the burns are still good==going on only 8 months now.

HelloShaun==any idea why you have good experience with Ritek while others have not?? Is this merely sampling error===>all to the point of I can understand companies making media that works well with some equipment and not others and folks will have good and bad experience depending on their equipment.- - - - BUT if in fact the manufacturers produce good and bad batches, then we should root those manufacturers out and get their junk taken off the market. They could and should quality assure their products for tested equipment and when they don’t and make the consumer the final tester==that amounts to simple fraud. We are much to ignorant, and much too lenient on these “corporations.” So, what is sad is all the vendors act exactly the same whether their product is good or bad==no codes on packages, no equipment verification===we consumers are treated with little to no regard and our government is too busy elsewhere on more important issues <smile!>.

Finally–I wonder why Verbatim has so many codes??? You’d think they would test and find a few that work and stay with them? All looks like a crap shoot to me.///bobbo.

FYI all, CompUSA has KHypermedia 4x DVD+R’s on sale today (Friday 4/7) and tomorrow, $2.99 for a 10-pack with slim cases. SKU is 329505.

The media code is MCC…002 (the periods are part of the code) and it works fine in my LVW-5007 with the original DDW-451S drive (the media code is in the drive’s tables).

Looks like the DVD+R’s are also available online. My store had some in stock even though the website says it’s not available in-store. It is a closeout and they didn’t have a lot in the store.

They also have DVD-R’s on sale, same price (SKU is 329504, media code should be CMC MAG. AF1) but I didn’t see those in my local store (NYC, 57th Street).

Hope this helps someone else out.