Media code for Office Depot's sale on Sony media?



Has anyone picked up any of the $24.99 Sony 100 packs at Office Depot this week? I’m wondering if the -R is TYG03 or SONY16D1? I guess both are pretty good but I’m just curious. Thought about picming a spool up. Of course their +R media is normally SONY…D21 so thats good too. Just wondering if you guys knew.

I’m actually hoping the -R media is SONY16D1 because I believe that is on of the medias that supports 20X burning on my 20X lighton. CAn anyone confirm?


Actually, the 100-packs of the Sony DVD+/-R media should be MIT, with Sony MID codes. The DVD-Rs should have SONY 16D1 codes.


Actually fromt he look of it TYG03 is also supported at 20X so either way I should be fine.


^ i dont ever recall the 100 packs being TY


Just my experience, but the only Japanese made 100 packs I’ve [B]ever[/B] seen were Maxell. I’ve only seen that once—at Staples I think. So I seriously doubt you’ll get the TY.


Well I took a chance and they ended up being SONY16D1. So far I’ve burned a few disks and the results are not promising to say the least. I’ll tell more after I do more testing.


The MIT SONY D21 DVD+R discs that I have, surprisingly, work well in an old NEC DVD+R(W) burner which defaults to 4x writing speed using generic write strategy. That’s about the best that I can say for this media. Otherwise, the quality of this media is decent but not stellar.