Media Choice 2500a 1.07v2b5

Hi There,
I’ve recently bought a nec 2500a. I always had a Lite-on 451s and almost always used ritek g04 with it. It burned good and was pretty cheap, 60 eurocent a disc.
Now with my Nec it also burned good, but I wanted 8speed, why the hell did I bought an 8X writer…
I used herrie’s fw 1.07v2b4 and b5, burned ritek g04 at 8X but had problems reading it back with b4 in my necdrive. The gra^h was bad or nero cdspeed even gave errors.
I’m seriously doubting what to do.
Here are my needs.
I want close to perfect burns at 8X both dvd-r and dvd+r, but don’t want to spend to much for the dvd’s. The bitsetting is great, I can now read dvd+r with xbox bitsetted to dvd-rom. So I like Herrie’s fw. On The other hand, I guess that fw gives a bit worse burns than the stock with the same media. But offcourse I haven’t found any tests. The most tests I found with dvdmedia are done with original fw.
Second of all, the original fw and writing quality of the nec is superb.
Also with cd-r, how does 1.07v2b5 fw effects the writing quality of a cd-r against 1.07 stock firmware. I just found out this forum a week ago and found out so many things to experiment with.

If you can get TYs go for it … I’ve recently started using TYs and they give awesome burns @8x
( even though they are only sold as 4x media )

2500A and Herries 1.07v2b4

The discs work in nearly all of the DVD players that I’ve tossed it in.

Can’t go wrong with TY

dvd-r ty or dvd+r (bitsetted to dvd-rom or not).
Does the 1.07v2b4 fw improves the writing quality or not and how does it affects the cd-r writing quality.
Or can I just stay with stock fw and TY dvd-r or MCC dvd-r, cause in the review here at cdfreaks those results were awesome…
Now I am using dvd+r ricoh r01, they write at 8X and very well.


Be careful with Ricoh or RiTEK media! It is known to vary in quality very much; some are very good and other batches are just crap.
The recommended brands for all burners out there are Taiyo Yuden and MCC, but they are also the most expensive.
As I scrolled these forums, I pointed out, that most BeAll (Samsung), CMC, Maxell and Prodisc x03 give very good results on the NEC2500A, too. Most Ricoh and RiTEK media burn also well on the NEC2500A, but you have to be lucky and shouldn’t overspeed them!
You generally should avoid Princo, VDSP(M)SAB, AN3x and other low budget and noname brands.


Don’t forget FUJIFILM. If you can get the 8x DVD-R do so they give perfect burns at 4x (Ignore their 8x rating. The results vary at 6x or 8x. Just treat them as if they are really good 4x media and you can’t go wrong. Otherwise pay up for MCC or Taiyo Yudens).

On The other hand, I guess that fw gives a bit worse burns than the stock with the same media. But offcourse I haven’t found any tests. The most tests I found with dvdmedia are done with original fw.

Is it proven that certain FWs write to DVDs better than others? Or otherwise change what media works well on the NEC?

If so, is stock the best or ?

The firmware contains the write strategy to be used for writing to a particular piece of media based on the media code for the disc.

If the write strategy changes between firmware versions, then yes, one firmware may be better for a particular piece of media than another one.

That’s why Herrie’s firmware is regarded as one of the better modified ones as he and his beta testers go through and try different media with different write strategies to ensure that the discs are being written the best they can be at whatever speed is chosen. Herrie and Wesociety did some extensive testing on which write strategy to use with Ritek media. Many people who use Ritek media find Herrie’s firmware better than the stock for this reason.

I use TY +R … but I guess -R should be good too.

I don’t necessarily do bitsetting - my DVD player(s) have no problems playing +R discs … I’ve bitset a few to DVD-ROM just for testing.

I think for using TY, you can stay with the stock FW – IIRC, Herrie did not change any strategies for TY in his V2 firmwares … TY burns @8x with Stock FW also ( media rated @4x ).

The sad thing is its getting tougher to find TY media online - I’ve got it from in the US and they are out of stock now
Newegg had TY (Samsung branded) - its also out of stock.

Lets hope these come back in stock soon :slight_smile:

I can buy TY DVD+R and DVD-R at reasonable price 1.29 euro a piece in jewel case.
I just bought a few, and some other media and ran some tests. I used a friend’s Lite-on 811s with crappy fw. The NEC 2500 ones are all done using fw 1.07v2b5, thank you Herrie.
I prefer RICOHJPN R00 only pity I can only find that media available as FUJI unrated DVD+R and that costs me 98 eurocent a piece in spindle… Then those TY are perhaps better priced.
Those POMSC001 002 are PRODYE DVD+Rspeed rated and even are acceptable at 8speed, not good, but acceptable.
Here’s the link, I hope other users post there results too. And hopefully I can help others with same questions as I had.


Have you tried Prodisc R02 (+R)? From where I live they are fairly reasonably priced, HK$7 in packs of 10 (about 0.7 euro each). I’ve burnt probably over 50 of these and my impression is good. But I’ve read their quality may vary from batch to batch and I do occasionally get a bad burn.

There is more info on Prodisc media in this thread .