Media centre play dvd's on HD?

Can media cetre play dvd’s from the HD or do i need to convert them to avi?

A quick search on Google found this page
This fix applies to WMC on Vista.

If you are not experienced in editing the Registry, please be careful. Follow the path indicated, double click on Registry value data type: REG_SZ , and remove the word Play and replace it with Gallery in the little window that pops up. Then reboot.

Remember, this fix is only for the Vista version of WMC.

Thanks for your time and i have done some small reg edits on vista to date.
Thanks again and i’ll let you know how it works

yes- use a program like DVDFAb or DVDshrink to rip the DVD to HD then play it in media player or powerDVD.

to play in powerdvd navigate to the video-TS folder withing the ripped DVD folder & open it.

to play in media player, navigate to the first.ifo file within that folder & double click it.

Thanks guys i changed the reg to get dvd library up but would’nt work from d: drive so i moved the dvd vob files to c: and all is well…i also can put a jpeg image labeld folder in the movie file and it displays it in MMC…