Media centre copies and file quality



ok just bought a simple media player for my hifi (mediagate m35) which plays a multitude of file types (mpeg 1,2,4 MPG Mpeg avi m2v dat vob ifo divx and xvid)

My questions (yep 2 of them is that greedy?, woops now 3) :bigsmile:

Firstly i want to copy some of my DVD’s to the hard drive of this player so i can use this to play and watch them, what software is best for this purpose. Making copies to hard drive.

Secondly when i do make the backup what file should i save them as? as i want to retain the best quality that i can. Size of files is not an issue or the time it will take.

Any guidance on this would be appreciated :bow:

  1. dvd decrypter or dvd shrink

  2. hmm, now, this media player thingo cannot play a dvd from a VIDEO_TS folder ? ok, then converting a dvd to AVI will probably your best option. i suggest autogk using XviD codec for this.


Oh dear i was pissed by the time i loaded half a dozen dvd’s on last night and tested and i figured it didnt work, thought i better check and tyeah it works fine off the VIDEO-TS folder…

Picture is great happy as a pig in …

Thanks for the advice