Media center

Ok well i have mad many plans to do things that i probably will give up on, but one of them is to build a media center for my tv. I would like it to do what i want, but dont want to go overboard with prices. If you could suggest substitutions/recommendations, that would be great.

Cooler Master Cavalier 4 Silver Desktop w/350W PSU
Gigabyte GA-K8NF-9
AMD Athlon 64 3000+ 1.8GHz
1024MB ram
ATI All-in-Wonder X800GT 128MB DDR
BenQ DVD±RW burner
200GB HD

The reason i have a network card is so i can transfer things from a desktop to it, and a dvd drive so i can burn/copy movies directly from disk.



Looks pretty good to me. Depending on what you are going to be using for a sound system, you might want to consider a sound card too.

Hi :slight_smile:
Looks good to me. As mentioned by ripit a decent sound might be an idea. Also I’d up the hd to 250Gb so as to be able to have 16Mb buffer.

If you are going to use the setup in the living or home theatre room you must consider the sound level the machine will generate.
If noise will distract you, especially in the quiet scenes, then you must consider using a mobile processor with large passive heat sink and for the graphics card also. There are a number of very quiet power supplies on the market. Don’t forget that the burner will also make noise if it over speeds with any DVD’s.

You might want to consider a power supply upgrade too. Cooler master used to only make crappy power supplys. Now they make both decent ones (wouldn’t be my first choice but they are suposed to be decent) and crappy ones (with heavilly exagerated ratings). If you buy just the power supply they are easy to tell apart as the crappy ones are less than half the price of the good ones for similarlly rated power supplys. I’m guessing the included one has a good chance of being a crappy one but you can see what you get when you get the case. Going off an average system (adding things like cpu fan and two small low power case fans, sound card, 1 hard drive and the above equipment), but no usb/firewire devices, I get 278 watts.

I’m not sure I would trust that to a crappy 350 watt power supply (that probably doesn’t put out near the claimed 350 watts).
You can get a good 350 watt pretty cheap (I know that you are in the uk, this is just for example)

Though, the cpu and vid card (normal x800, not taking into acount its an all in one) take about 150 watts alone (12.5 amps), so you might want to look for a 350 watt with a bit higher 12v rails or perhaps a bit larger power supply.

Of course I’m a bit of an alarmist when it comes to power supplys, but for good reason. You can always run prime95 and test the voltage on the original power supply with a multimeter (or software though thats not as accurate) and see if it runs it stable.