Media Center Recording output



I’m using WinXP Media Center Edition to record TV shows. A half hour of “This Old House” becomes a .dvr-ms file of almost 2GB. I then use Sony’s DVGate+ software to edit the file. First the software converts the .dvr-ms to a .mpg file which I can edit, then save, also as a .mpg file. The final file size is about 700MB. If I chose to save the file as a .avi instead of a .mpg, the file size would be over 4GB.

If I download a 1/2 hour program using a torrent site, the typical file size is about 175mb. Quality of these shows is actually much better than the output I’m getting using my own recording means.

Is there any way to use the software I have and end up with a smaller, better quality .avi file.

Until recently I was using a direct analog cable input, but have switched to Verizon FiOS, and now record a digital signal through my converter box.

The quality of even the raw .dvr-ms files is not great to begin with.

What would be the best way to get the same quality files others are uploading to the torrent sites using the equipment I have (with possible upgrades to video capture card or software ? )




You can’t create a file of better quality than the original. The large file size of your test avi file was the result of the codec and settings used. The avi for your show should end up about 350MB after it is converted (typical for a 45 minute TV show).

The quality difference you are seeing is because most content that is shared comes from HD or DVD source material. It sounds like your source is SD.


You saved as UNCOMPRESSED avi, downloadable “avi’s” are usually compressed xvid/divx files.