Media center Protected Content



I have recorded some movies on my HP media center and I can’t edit then burn them because of content protection.
my question is does anyone know how to bypass or counteract this?



Hi, I am having similar problems, I was recording using my normal Analog signal then I decided to get a freeview box to record from however I can no longer record DVDs. I’ve been scanning various forums yet there seems to be no way of getting rid of the copy protection. The whole point in buying the media centre was to record to my computer then watch on my tv later but without being able to burn to DVD I need to run cables from my PC to the tvs in my house. Why?? It should be as simple as burning to disc and watching anywhere. Does anyone know a way of getting round this copy protection?


I have a similar problem. I recorded from a older VHS-C camcorder through my Media center as recorded T.V. The file extension on the recorded T.V. file is dvr-ms. The only disc I can burn it on is dvd-r but when I play it in my dvd player I get the picture but no sound.