Media Center does not interpet Dvdid as generated by



Media Center does not interpet the Dvdid as generated by The id xml file contents is correctly generated by but is stored as ‘Dvdid.xml’. Media center does not recognize it in this form. If the file is renamed to somthing like ‘movie_name.Dvdid.xml’ it is then correctly recognized and the movie information is properly displayed. Seems like a minor error that could be corrected in the next release.


The latest release ( now includes an option to generate a dvdid.xml file, this was always generated in the previous ( Unfortunately I guess no one in support saw my post above, the file created is not read by Windows Media Center and still has to be renamed to ‘something.dvdid.xml’ before Window Media Center will read/interpet properly. As no one else has responded to this thread I can assume that no one else has this problem or they are not using this feature or are renaming the xml file. If this is the problem that I think it is (quite minor) the solution is simple. I guess I will email support pointing to this thread.


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Thank you for the report, we will fix it asap.

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Glad to hear from you, BTW your product is great! I like all of the update/improvements you are continually releasing. Keep up the excellent work/support.

Thanks and best regards to you and all the others at DVDFab.


Thanks fengtao- just updated to an verified that this minor problem has been corrected. Very fast response!

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You are welcome :slight_smile:

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