Media Center 2005 and BenQ 1620

Need some help here guys. I built a Media Center 2005 PC and have a BenQ 1620 (reflashed Phillips) and it is acting a little strange. I place a Verbatim DVD+R 8x in it and it says CD Drive and it show 0 bytes available. When I try to burn a DVD from Media Center, it sez not enough room. It acted the same way when it was a Phillips. I did see that the media is supported. Any ideas guys? I am going to try some other brands/types of Media and see what happens. Was hoping maybe someone on here has had the same situation occur and could save me some time and money… Thanks!


what do you have the BenQ drive hooked up to, sometimes they dont like certain type of ultra dma connectors especially add in boards for IDE 66 to 133. I tried to hook one up on a abit board with hpt66 onboard connectors and got the same thing you did except when i would put a disk in the drive to burn it would reboot the damn machine :frowning:

It’s normal if “My Computer” says “CD Drive” when a disk is inserted. If there’s no disk inside the drive, it should say “DVD-RW Drive” followed by a drive letter.