Media Buying Habits - Spindle Size



When you do buy media, how many discs do you get at once?

(If you buy multiple spindles, select the total number of discs altogether)


This is sorta impossible to poll since the media purchases are so unique and most likely driven by the price level and again by the ‘need’ variable.

For example, I bought 1 100pk spindle one time. Another time, I bought 12 30-pk spindles. Both different times, both different prices. Yet, same media. So, what number do i choose for your poll?

Not sure how this poll will work. :slight_smile:


I normally get a 25 or 50 disk spools, as they are the most avaliable reasonalbe quantities of disks.

I don’t think I could ever commit to getting more then 100 of a particular disk, in case they suck.


good point… just choose the quantity you buy most often … just wanted an idea of how many people actually stock when they buy, and also gives and indicator which quantity is best value.


Either packs of 50 or 100 if I get my preference. It kind of depends on my needs at the time and how good of a deal is available. Anything less and I run out, anything more and prices in media have dropped off by the time I get through the pack.


Normally I buy 50Pcs Spindles. But when buying high quality CD-Rs I buy them in 10Packs with each disc pakced individually in Jewel cases. Quantity of packs or spindles varries depending on price and money I have.


whatever’s on sale that’s 25pk or greater…


I wish they would just all use 25 spindles. Or shrinkwrap. As a media seller at a small car boot, I like to sell media in 25 as many people only want 25

But many times I end up with spindle tubs of 100 and I have no 25 tubs to put them in :a


You don’t want shinkwrapping. This packageing method most times has a very bad quality influence on the media.


Well, I have 26 different media/MIDs and mostly they are in 15/20/25/50 pack spindles. For daily purpose I use TY02 DVD+R from Fuji/Sony/TDK in 50 packs. I may switch to Verbatim 16x since it’s available in 50packs with the same price as TY02s, if on sale (USD 19.99).


For CD-Rs, I usually buy 200 discs on two 100-disc ‘cakebox’ spindles and when I buy DVD-Rs, it has traditionally been 50-disc spindles, but this will change to 100-disc spindles next buy.


100 discs at a time… Yuden000-T02 printables