Media Buying Habits - Online or Shopfront?

When you buy media, do you usually buy it online, or via shopfront?

Was the experience positive or negative?

Both but just barely. 99% of my stuff is bought online. The only thing I will buy in stores are re-branded TY CD-Rs or Verbatim D/L DVD+R when there are good sales. Those are pretty far and few in-between though. Virtually all of my purchases are made online since I have had rotten luck with store brand DVD-Rs (275 DVD-Rs with spotting between 9 packs of Fuji (TY) and Maxell (MXL) discs).

99% I buy at shops in Akihabara because thats where the TYs are sold the cheapest. The only exception is TY DVD+R 50pcs Spindles which are only available online.
I never had any problems with shopfront DVDs from Fuji, Ricoh TY(Thats) and Maxell since I only buy from a wholesale store with good QC (no discs stored under direct sunlight etc…).

Most of the time I buy online (75-80% of the time from SVP), unless I see a shop selling T-Ys or Verbatims cheaper than SVP. Otherwise I just wait until I’m down to my last few CDRs/DVDRs and order 100 or so of each from SVP. Exception being when I saw that they had the Fuji 8x “Made in Japan” T-Y +Rs in stock - I ordered 150 discs (6 cakeboxes). Now I need to find a home for six more cakeboxes, and a 50-box of Verbatim Pastel T-Y CDRs…
It’s also loads easier when they publicise the media code on the discs.

exclusively purchase at B&M stores (Best Buy, Circuit City, etc.) when there are sales…i can guarantee myself i’m getting what i want (i.e. MIJ) and the prices are competitive with online stuff when media is on sale…

Online now, all the shops and markets in the town I live in are a load of absolute rubbish, ripoff city down here!

95% from instores (only Bestbuy and Staples in my area).

I stopped buying online from after knowing the TY OEM I got is not better than TY by Fuji/Sony/TDK from instores. Occasionally buy online if I wanted some MIDs that are not available in stores.

I stick to Internet shops for my bulk Taiyo Yuden media ( and when I occasionally come across a 25- ot 30-pack of Made in Japan blanks, I usually buy them too, if I have the money on me. :slight_smile:

Yes. Before I bought online, I always bought so-so CMC CD-R blanks (like total of 2500 now since 2002 :frowning: ) from Staples here in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, but it seems it’s very hard to find any Made in Japan blanks anymore here. I’d be very lucky to spot some regularly. Plus, even the crap discs cost higher in stores than TY does online! So, FujiFilm/other Japanese blanks can cost around 1 USD/disc here! That’s as much as gold CD-Rs online!!! (; What a rip-off buying any blanks in the stores these days…

95+% online for my Yuden000-T02 printables. Maxell +R or Verbs frome shopfronts when I make backups for friends…

BTW, I’ve always wondered: How much do Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs & DVD+/-Rs cost in Japan, being that they’re made there? Do they cost less for Japan locals than on for US buyers (0.25 USD/CD-R & 0.4 USD/DVD-R 8x)?

Also, how much do gold/gold (a la former Mitsui Gold CD-R74 or present MAM-A Gold CD-R74 or 80 and Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs UltraDisc II 24K Gold CD-R74) CD-Rs cost in Japan?

Prices are:
DVD-R 8x Thats/TDK/Fuji brand TY @ 0.56~0.63 USD/DVD depending on brand when bought in 50pcs Spindle. (most of the time I buy these)

DVD+R 8x TY @ 0.78 USD/DVD when bought in 50pcs Spindle from online store (+ 7.7USD for delivery when order is under 91USD).
At normal shops a 10pack where each disc is packed in jewel cases @ 0.81/DVD.
In Japan TY DVD+Rs are only available in 10packs at normal stores. To buy 50pcs Spindle you have to order from a online store which re-imports TYs from USA and Asian countries.

CD-R 700 MB Thats/TDK brand TY (2-48x) @ 0.28 USD/CD (I usualy dont buy these)

CD-R 700 MB Thats (original TY brand) low speed (special tuned for 1x burning but rated 1-32x) @ 0.93 USD/Disc when bought in 100pcs (I usualy buy these because i use old CD burners)

Normaly Discs are sold in 10 or 20 pcs each disc packed in Jewel case or in 10/20/25 or 50pcs spindle cases. 100pcs MIJ discs in spindles or shrinkwrapped are very rare. When buying 100pcs or 300pcs of MIJ discs I usualy get a carton full with 10pcs packs x10 or 50pcs spindle x6 but price per disc stays 99% of the time the same as when only buying one 10pack or 50pcs spindle. Also most of the time Online shops charge more than normal shops in Akihabara.

About Gold/Gold CD-Rs:
MITSUI GOLD® Professional (Pro use high quality) (Gold/Gold MIJ) @ 3.34 USD/CD-R when bought in 50PCs Spindle (total 167 USD). Out of production. Only some stock left.

MITSUI GOLD AK200PX0A (normal quality) (Gold/Gold Made in USA) @ 1.88USD/CD-R and are sold in 1 or 10packs in Jewel case package. But many users in Japan who loved the old Mitsui CD-R Gold/Gold MIJ hate these American made ones because quality is too low compared with the (old and professional) MIJ ones.

In the past (about 7 years ago) I used to buy Kodak Gold/Gold for 0.9 USD/CD-R and Mitsui Gold/Gold (normal quality) MIJ for 1 USD/CD-R in 10 packs (both are unavailable now). From time to time TDK offers a limited amount of Gold/Gold CD-Rs at there official online store (last time it was 1500pcs of 63 min CD-Rs and price was 4.55USD/CD-R and 2-3 days after introduction they were sold out and I could not get hold of any… :sad: ).

Wow. Very interesting, especially about the gold discs. I remember when Kodak went out of the business with their Ultra Gold 74-minute CD-R discs and I got one free one in the post about 8 weeks after sending out for one. They discontinued them & was sending free ones.

About the 63-minute CD-Rs, I never seen any before, but have heard of them thanks to the CD-R FAQ at Have any photos of any of these discs?

I kind of figured that since Mitsui moved their operations to Colorado Springs in Colorado in the US, things had to change. Is there anywhere I can get their old discs?

I still have a (backup) PlayStation 1 game (Tomb Raider III (NTSC: U/C)) that was recorded on a Hewlett-Packard-brand gold 74-minute CD-R (that was really made by Mitsui) around 1999 to 2001 (unsure exactly when) and it still runs well today (although C1 levels have risen past the 40-minute mark of the disc andone FMV skips a bit in my PS1 (though this may be because of its bad laser)).

Same here! :iagree:

Sales sales sales!, or unique media, either online or at B&M stores.

Online only. I always get exactly what I expect, the sellers can give me the media code before I open the stack, and I always find a better price than any I have seen posted here for storefront. Plus with gas prices today, shipping is cheaper than driving and finding the good stuff is sold out.

I used to get everything in stores, but now it is hard to find genuine T-Y media at retail here in Ontario. It used to be that every Fuji CD-R spindle on the shelf was T-Y, but now they are Made in Taiwan by prodisc.

Now I order the good stuff from They have been an excellent supplier for me and have always provided a good shopping experience.

Usually online, Media in Germany are cheaper than here in Austria, even with cost for shipping.

most stuff i buy in the shop. grabbed some 16x discs from ebay just recently though - some that aren’t sold in the shops here.

I wish shipping was a little less to Hawaii. I do plan on buying in bulk, possibly 500+ TY DVDs from Rima.