Media burnt with the 712A

I had posted this in another forum and was asked to also place it in the Plextor forum.

Up until recent I have only been using RICOHJPN, MCC(4X & 8X) and Maxell’s. I decided to try the Samsung from newegg with YUDEN media code. Testing the YUDEN’s I was getting PIE errors above 340, I’m not very happy with the result, because with the MCC, Maxell and RICOHJPN the PIE error’s have been less then “11” all thru the DVD’s.

I am using the Plex 712A(firmware 1.04) to burn and test results, I havn’t burnt anything with the 708A(firmware 1.07) using the YUDEN as of yet.

4X TY and burnt them @ 8X

I finally had a chance to try with the 708A and the highest was “32” which is not as good as the MCC but much much better then before. I will be doing some more burns later tonight, hopefully the few I did with the 712A was just a few bad in the spindle.