Media & Burners

Hi i am currently using Taiyo Yuden Media and a BenQ DVD Writer 1620 i think!

I have had this writer for about 2 years now and want to change.

I was told about 2 years back statistically a BenQ 1620 was the best one out there.

Can i have a link to another graph showing the best burner which is up to date?

I was also wondering if TY media is the best too?

Isit worth my trying Blu Ray technology? If so what burner and media should i be buying?

What is ideal is media that will be burned so well it will last for ages.

I burn a lot of DivX on media and don’t like freezes when i watch them caused from bad burns so what’s the best Media and burner to use?


Thanks guys!

I don’t know if there are any [I]graphs[/I] showing what the best burner is. But the Pioneer 112D recently won Editor’s Choice, is highly regarded on this board, and is my personal favorite to use for burning.

That’s for you to decide. Right now, they run around $500 a burner and >$10/disc on Newegg. I’m personally gonna wait till burners and BD-R media are cheaper and faster.

Me too
until burn speed support 8X with 100GB disc ( under $10 )
and I will choose third or fourth generation BD writer