Media burned with standalone DVD recorders



Just for the lulz.
Actually I encounter discs that were burned badly by standalone DVD recorders quite often. One reason might be the low-speed burning, but also lacking write strategies and firmware updates may be contributing.

This here is a CMC MAG M01, TDK 16x Inkjet Printable DVD+R from a jewel case. It was burned on a Sony standalone about a year ago and I don’t know the exact model name.

I didn’t expect it to suck that much though.


That is a really bad burn, i also get horrible scans when the discs are burned on my samsung stand alone even with good media, but i never had any issues with TRT or playback issues.


I have an LiteOn LVW-5005 and it absolutely hates modern media. It has coastered several of my MCC 004s and RITEKF16s. It does like low speed DVD+RWs though…


An LiteOn LVW-5005 is kinda old, try a good clean on the optical drive…


The LVW-5005 (and most of the other Lite-On standalone recorders) use IDE DVD-RW drives, but the drives mostly don’t have any modern media codes in the firmware. Also the particular drives they used are less robust than the regular Lite-On DVD drives (i.e. they break). There are big threads over in the Lite-On DVD Recorder and Player Forum on replacing these drives.

It’s also possible to patch the media code tables in those drives and get more decent burns, if one wants to take the trouble.