Media Burn Problems

I tried to find the proper place for this information to be placed but to no avail I did not… therefore…

I and others that I know, that have different DVD/CD combo burners, have had much difficulity in using the DVD + media. The OEM of these drives offered no solutions…

One of my people, had to replace a hard drive and used a 80 wire 40 pin IDE cable, and then came to me complaining that his DVD burner would no longer work with DVD + Media. Other type of Media designated ( - ) seemed to work ok.

Investigating into the issue, as what he had prior, and what is now installed, it was only a new hard drive and the 80 wire 40 pin IDE Cable.

So, I removed and replaced the 80 wire 40 pin IDE with a 40 wire 40 pin IDE
cable, and wah la… the problem burning with the DVD + Media went away.

I and my friend had the same DVD/CD burner Toshiba R5372, firmware T55.
Others also complained and by making the change they let me know their issues also dissapeared.

I have not read, nor heard in any circles that by using the 80 wire 40 pin IDE cable would cause this type of error or issue… and I do not understand why it would make a difference of failing if + and not failing if - . But I believe.

My conclusion is and could be problematic for those people that have hard drives which must have the 80 wire 40 pin IDE connection to permit the drive to run at it’s performace level. So with caution, one must carefully investigate whether or not the Burner fully supports the 80 wire 40 pin IDE or NOT.

If anyone has any OEM/MFG evidence that what I have stated ( Toshiba R5372 ) is in error, Please advise as I like a challenge…

Happy burn times

Nice read! I thought the wires were just duplicates in the cable! I guess not!

It is hard to substantiate, but I would guess that your problem is a defective 80 wire cable. I would find it difficult to understand how the additional grounding wires could be causing your problem. I have used exclusively 80 wire cables for years on over 13 different drives and never experienced a problem.

Thank you for the reply… sorry about my delay in responding…

I would think you are correct. however, 3 different PC’s, 3 different 80 wire cables, Same Make, Model of Toshiba drive, all had the same apparent problem in using the + media, until the cable’s were changed to 40 wire cables. Now, you don’t suppose that maybe inherent to the Toshiba Drives?

thanks again for your assistance and reply…

have a great day…and burn…LOL