Media Brand/ID confusion for PX-712UF/SW


I have just purchased a plextor external 12x DVD+/-RW Burner. Specifically, the PX-712UF/SW. This will be connected to my laptop via a USB 2.0 cable.

The drive came bundled with Roxio software, but I plan to use Nero ROM though I’ve been recommended to look at Stomp’s Record Now Max & Prassi O.N.E.S… but that’s for another time. :slight_smile:

My dilemma is that I am completely lost as to what DVD-R media & it’s counterpart ID I should buy that will be BOTH compatible for recording in this specific drive, as well as playback in older DVD-ROMs (i,e, from year 2001+)

I know that MCC’s, TYG01/2’s, MXLRG1/2’s,TDKG1/2’s,MCC’s are the best… along with RITEK’s & Richoh’s… but since I have no DVD’s to check, I am at a loss and confusion. Obviously it is not a good idea to go by the brand, but rather the id’s.

I have read that DVD-R media tend to play in many older machines as compared to a lower success rate on DVD+R media.

I do know for sure, that old memorex 4X DVD-R’s play on my Toshiba Satellite PIII 850Mhz, 512mn ram laptop. The drive is an old Matshita UJDA-710 CDRW/DVD combo drive.

So if I can get the memorex to play, are there any decent (besides memorex) but economically priced 8X DVD-R’s that one of y’all recommend? I don’t need anything fancy i.e. printable surface discs and such.

I’ve visited RIMA/SUPERMEDIASTORE/ALLMEDIAOUTLET/MeritLine/NEWEGG.COM’s. >> This is the compatibility list, which sums up the big ones.

Too many to choose and decide from, and in the media forum… there seems to be mixed opinions on the most common ones (i.e. RITEK G04vsG05… latter better in +R, not in -R)

I am a medical student, and I have lecture notes, class practical videos, and audio…etc to be burned and distributed to a few colleagues of mine. Some of us have old ROM’s, thus the need for DVD-R’s playing a better chance than the +R’s. The need for 8X, simply that I have much to study coupled with hospital practice and no time to sit and wait for DVD’s to be burned :bigsmile:

Well I hope you understand my situation. I really appreciate all the feedback. I didn’t want to put this in the media forum for it seems to be a basic question that a few people as myself, become easily frustrated with. :wink:


Toshiba Satellite PIII 850Mhz 512mb RAM XP PRO SP1
External PX-712UF/SW via USB 2.0 PCMCIA adapter.
External PX-W4012U 40/12/40 CDRW Burner via USB 2.0 PCMCIA adapter
External Seagate 300 GB HDD via Firewire 400.

:cool: Mr. Clark

You can go here
to get a pretty good idea of what media is what media code. Say for instance a store had sony dvd 4x +r on sale, you could enter brand as sony, media type as +r and speed as 4x. Search and you will see that sony 4x +r might be LONGTEN.002, MCC…002, or RICOHJPNR01. I wouldn’t put too much weight in the quality ratings on the site I linked to though. The way they list media only asks if it did or didn’t play so many questionable disks get good rating because they did play (even thought the burn quality wasn’t the greatest). Do a search on the forums to see if a particular media code is good. Also, keep an eye on the bargain basement forum here. It’s te best place to find out what is on sale not to mention people discuss what the media codes are for whats on sale and what the quality of those media codes are.
Also, just to warn you in advance, expect slower burn speeds (and maybe a few problems to work out) with an external burner.

Thank you again ripit for your advice :slight_smile: I’ll check the bin and link out. Take care! :cool:

I don’t understand the warning about slow burns with an external burner. I use an 8X Optowrite burner in an external enclosure connected by USB (be sure it is USB 2.0). If it is connected by USB 1.1 then you can expect to burn at only 1x or maybe 2x.

I didn’t mean to imply that he flat out would have problems or imply a specific problem. It just seem that lots of people have problems with external burners and not burning at full speed seems to be a more common one.

I only planned to burn archived data @ 4x. It’s connected to my 2.0 adapter card, if anything I do have the slower firewire 4pin on the laptop.

I actually purchased a 200pack Ritek G04 DVD-R set for about $87 w/ free shipping at meritline.

They had the best reuturn policy. The ones at rima were the same, but with the shipping turned out equal. Also at rima, there was a restocking fee. I hope these Ritek’s will be compatible with the older ROM’s. Checked out the other stores too, but allmedia was out of stock. If not I can always return them for full money back.

Any opinions on how universally capable the Ritek’s G04’s are in playing on old DVD-ROMs? I had an old memorex dvd-r 4x, through dvd identifier it was noted as prodisc. This “prodisc” managed to play in my old matshita UJDA710 laptop cdrw/dvd-rom combo drive. Because of that, i was going to purchase memorex’s, but your link showed alot of information on the actual dye co’s that make the dvd. There were cheap prodiscs at rima, but I wasn’t sure. My concern is universal compatibility.

Also, is it generally the burning that’s the issue in media not working? That is, if it burns ok (in case of DVD-R let’s say… ,) it will play in most rom’s?

Lastly, I was recommended to check out Record Now Max v4.50 along with DVD Decryptor to do anything. The only software I have currently installed is Nero Ultra 6. What do you think of this recommendation? Good for everything including copying archived data from a hdd source?

Thanks for the continued support here! :smiley:

My first drive was 8x+r 4x-r and I only recently got a 16x+/-r drive so I have mainly used +r (for the higher burning speed). I do not have a lot of experience with -r media. I have heard mixed opinions about ritek. My favorite disks are ricohjpnr01 made by ritek but using ricoh dye if I am not mistaken. If you want to use -r, perhaps someone more farmiliar with -r medias could make some recomendations.
As far as compatibility of older rom’s there are several factors. The two that you can influence most are disk quality and burn quality. Not only do you need to use good quality media, but you need to use good quality media that your drive likes and burns well. I would sugest seeing if cdspeed can be used with your drive (I’m not sure if it works with externals or not).
Other factors that are more difficult to change would be some drives may not like the way your burner burns (it’s possible that a certain drive will not want to read most of what your burner burns even with diffrent medias). It’s also possible that a certain drive will not like reading a certain media (even if it is good quality media and the burn is good and everybody elses drives read it fine).
I am not sure if this would be best but if I understand right you are going to be making multiple copies of the same thing to give out (and over time there may be several things you give out). I would try to find two medias that work well with your burner (and scan good with cdspeed if your drive is capable of running it).
I think that if you get good quality media that works well with your drive and have two medias (so if one doesn’t work with someones rom, the other might), your disks will be able to work in the majority of thier rom’s.
I’m not sure if that is the best solution but it seem that it would work to me.
I havent used record now max. Personally I use nero for almost everything and am very happy with it. I don’t think there is one best program. There are some that are obvious crap. With the rest I think personal prefrence plays a big part in it. Every program is going to have it’s strong and weak points. Just my opinion but I would give nero a try (since you already have it) and if you don’t like it or it doesn’t do what you want it to do, then go looking for another program.