Media Brand - fill in the blank



Fill in the blank:

If I was limited to only one BRAND of media (cd-r(w) & dvd+-r(w))for burning, it would be ________.

  • Please note that I understand the nuances of media... manufacturers vary by brand and possibly batch. This is a blanket statement to try and simplify life a little more... please no idelogical debates! Right now I am thinking Verbatim will be a top contender, but we will see!


forget verbatim. I jus bought a 25 pack of verbatim +rs in a sealed spindle, only the middle 5 discs were +r, all the rest were -r. big deal? not when I’m paying extra for + and riteks could have done perfectly if I wanted -. enuff bitching, now to answer ur question.
For dvd-r, I work with

datasafe media.

Those seem to always be ritek g04, and they look good too. They also make +r, but dunno what dye. cds? whichever that actually has some form of name on it.


If I should stick to one brand of discs that would be PLEXTOR, since they are always Taiyo Yuden :smiley:


I’m going to stick up for Verbatim. I buy them in spindles of 25-50 from Sam’s Club at reasonable prices, less than most of the online vendors.

I’ve bought several spindles each of Verbatim Datalife 4X DVD+R (RicohJPN R01-02,) and they burn flawlessly at 8X on my 401S@411S@811S using any firmware. Great consistency, nice Kprobe scans and perfect compatibility across a variety of machines.

I’ve also bought several spindles of Verbatim Datalife 2X DVD-R (Ritek G03.) If you have the patience to burn at 2X, these are among the most reliable discs around and work great on my LiteOn.

booma, you got ripped off. I’d make whoever sold me that mixed spindle replace it.


Verbatim plus in jewel cases
they always work (unlike Verbatim on spindles)


Verbatim is also the one for me. Not the regular Datalifeplus+R (the blue boxes), but the pastel coloured discs in slim-line cases, with on the back of the shrink wrap the magic line “made in Japan”. These are Taiyo Yuden, YUDEN000T01. I did try the blue boxed Datalifeplus, but i can only get hold of the “made in Taiwan” discs, and to be honest, these suck. These are MCC002.

Can anyone tell me under which brand i can get YUDEN000T02 ?



Originally posted by Hermy_H
Can anyone tell me under which brand i can get YUDEN000T02 ?

TY…:bow: [/B]

They are not even in production yet, only test samples so far according to Taiyo Yuden Europe.

Bet we will not see these before April or so…


Thanks for the great replies.

So far two media brands are considered reliable by cdfreaks:
Plextor (I’ve never seen these in stores)

Any others? TDK? Fuji? Definitely not Memorex, as I can attest first hand that their CD-RWs are complete garbage. I don’t believe much in litigation but I seriously think they should be brought to court for that faulty product. Some of them let me rewrite ONCE, some never let me write period. Similar results in different cd burners. It sucks because I bought them to backup work data and now I can’t even read some of them. Sorry, enough ranting… That’s why I asked by brand, as even though I understand I could possibly have a bad batch, I’d never buy from Memorex again.


Memorex DVD+R 4x, the gray spindle. They’re Ricohjpn also. I’ve been burning them at 8x on my 411@811.


Rereading my question, I think I worded it incorrectly. I meant if you had to be loyal to one BRAND of media for ALL of your burning needs, what would it be?

Pretty heavy, I know. Does a superior media brand exist?


if i had to choose 1 brand, basically anything Ricoh for DVD’s. i have 200 Arita DVD+R’s and they’re absolutely great. they’re Ricoh 01-002’s. it’s hit or miss w/ the 00’s and the 01’s i believe. but lately most people have gotten 01’s in the 2.4x packs. other than that. i’d probably go w/ Fuji, in the past i got a few 50packs that were TY’s. and i’ve found that if you buy the small packs of DVD’s, 10 or so w/ the jewel cases, they’re TY’s. you’ll end up paying ~$2 a dvd but it does come w/ a case and you are getting a superior DVD. for some people it’s worth the extra $1+.


Best dvd+r :Jewelcased Fuji’s (Ricoh). It seems like all Ricoh disc are burned nicely by Liteon.

Best dvd-r: hav’nt found any minus disc that provides decent writing quality yet.:a


For DVD-R: MMore, they have never let me down, not once (in jewel case, forget spindles, they suck)


Originally posted by Ironside
For DVD-R: MMore, they have never let me down, not once (in jewel case, forget spindles, they suck)

…unless you get that crappy 4x labeled discs that is actually only 2x…



I made good experiences with Princo 4x DVD-Rs. However, their reputation is quite bad. It seems that they might vary from batch to batch.

But their availability is great here in Germany and the price is very low compared to the competition.

Check if these discs are compatible to your drives. If it works, it could save you a lot of money.

P.S. One thing I noticed: The surface of the Princos is not completely even. On the other hand, there is absolutely no dust on the discs. (Other discs in cakeboxes are often dusty.)


Samsung without a doubt.

They are either CMC with their RWs
or Yuden with their dvd+


If I had to go with on type it would be Ritek/Ricoh for it’s price/performance ratio. :smiley:


he’s tryin a simplistic approach. I guess he knows about ritek and ricoh, so he jus wanted brand. the G04s that u buy, what brand are they?


They are sold as RitekG04’s.
Ritek dvd-r 4x certified G04 with a shiny top and dark purple bottom.”


I would never buy disc’s if I wasn’t exactly sure of what I was getting. My supplier ( list’s the full media code for the DVD’s they sell that may be under a different name so I always know what I’m getting.


If I could only buy one brand of media for all my needs it would surely be Maxell.